Monday, August 08, 2005


I am reading Chapter 5, "Praying Heaven Down" with my wife, Shirley, and my son, Joel, from the book "WHEN HEAVEN INVADES EARTH", "A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles" by Bill Johnson. I have been finding it is challenging my faith (or should I say, lack of faith). This book will open up your eyes to another realm -- the realm of the Holy Spirit -- the Kingdom of God. You can find this book for a 21% discount in our bookstore at (then click on the menu item "Music and Bookstore").

There is one sentence from chapter 5 that I want to mention today. It is essentially the last sentence of the chapter. It says, "We often pray in the place of risky obedience". That was a big ouch of conviction from the Holy Spirit for me when I read that sentence. It is going to be very hard to try to write what I see in that sentence because it is packed with implications.

How many times have I told someone, "I will be praying for you about ... (whatever their situation is) and then we say our goodbyes and don't pray right then. Later I pray for God to intervene in the matter that was discussed. That was exactly what the disciples did when they were in the boat in a storm and Jesus was sleeping. They woke Him up and "asked Him" (that's what we do when we pray) to do something about it. And when it was over Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief. He was telling them they could have done something about it if they had faith. They could've spoken in authority.

It is about faith and the authority we have been given to invade earth with heaven. We've got to begin to use our God-given authority with faith, knowing that He will accomplish what it is we're declaring into a situation. That is risky obedience!! I may not always see everyone get healed that I pray for , but that shouldn't stop me from taking a "Risk" of obedience and taking authority right then. I shouldn't say, "I'll pray for you when the Holy Spirit brings you to mind" --- THAT'S AN EXCUSE THAT'S FILLED WITH UNBELIEF! I need to pray right then, and with all the authority of Jesus Christ backing me up to bring heaven to earth in the situation I am praying for. Delayed prayer can no longer take the place of the risk of OBEDIENCE... (there's that word again -- obedience -- it is the key to everything in God's realm). So I need to walk in the authority I have already been given by the King and pray "in the moment".

Lord Jesus, sweet Holy Spirit, Father of all -- help me to obey you in everything I do. Make me effective in the call you've given me! I love You.

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