Friday, May 30, 2008

Chuck Pierce: Hear the Sound!

May 30, 2008

This is a time that the Lord is doing a major work in the earth. Shaking and hovering are the two words I am hearing in my spirit. I hear the Lord saying that He is hovering over New Orleans in a new way. I see Him hovering over Pittsburgh now. I see Him going up and down the Pacific coast of America and hovering. I see that He is going to begin to invade the Pacific Coast of this nation. Both sides of Mexico are being invaded by the Spirit. When I began to see this, I heard the Lord say: "There are three levels of sound I must bring through My people today. I must bring the sound of history that has caused their blood to remain flowing in Me and created the legacy of Me within the generations. I must bring forth the sound of the present that is causing their blood to come alive and producing the power in them to persevere through circumstances and endure in their trials. I must bring forth the sound of the future that will cause My people to have an expectation, an excitement of the power of My visitation and advancing glory in the earth. I'm blending these three sounds right now, in this moment, to change the course of the earth realm."

"Now is the day that I am destroying what has covered you in the past. I am lifting layers and veils from My people that have set reproaches in motion and blocked new entry ways. I will NOW rise up and cover you in a new way. My hands are clapping, so in the midst of your wreck and ruin, clap. In the midst of your emotional struggle, clap. In the midst of your home, go through and clap and decree that what is not lit will light up." It's like those "clap on" lights! All of a sudden, when you clap, a room will light up. The Spirit of God says, "Start clapping and decree the darkness that has held certain areas captive will begin to light up."

"There are many who are not even seeking Me that I'm going to meet, surprise and rearrange their lives. Call forth My hovering power over those that aren't even aware I can hover over them. In the midst of the Earth I am looking for those who will say, 'Here I am; here I am; I hear a sound calling me forth; here I am.'"

"There are sounds in the earth that you are not getting low enough to hear, and there's a groaning. All creation is groaning. Humble yourself and get low enough to hear the sound. If you will get into that humble state before Me, you will see My hovering power; you will begin to hear what the ground under you is groaning, how you need to walk, and how you need to act. Put your ear to the ground for there are now sounds in the earth that are coming into agreement with Heaven. There are sounds in the land that need to be heard. These sounds (from your iniquitous bloodline) have been deposited in the land your ancestors have walked."

"My earth has a heart that beats and you've not understood the power of creation. You have lost the beating heart of creation. Therefore, I cannot be creative in your midst. I've put My voice in every living thing, but it is your voice that rules. So in the midst of My voice groaning in other objects that can't speak, you must speak for them. I have seated you in heavenly places, but you must put your ear to the earth where you walk so that I can use you to bring into agreement, from My heavenly realm, that which I am longing to create in the earth. The deep uttered its voice and lifted its hands on high."

"At certain times, lower your head before Me in submission, and if you will do that, you will rise and come into a new place of communion. Do not keep your head raised above others at all times this week, for I am a God that will cause you to miss a certain blow, if you will stay before Me and at the right moment bend your knees, I will save you from experiencing a hit from the enemy this week."

"Recognize the sound of creation that's groaning, and let Me rise and bring your spirit man into agreement with the sound of the land and the hovering of My Spirit. I've stretched out My hand in the midst of My hovering; I am extending My hand, and though you've not known My love, look up and grab hold of that which you don't know and let Me pull you forward. Fear not the sound of the shaking. Fear not that place where I will cause you to be very aware and let you hear the shaking. Then you can announce what will shake and you will cause many to be sheltered in a new way. Rise through the wreck and the ruin and the groaning that is around you. Rise and allow My Spirit that is hovering to rest on the earth, and you be My divine connector."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Outpouring of Fruit Continues in Florida and Oregon

Courtesy of Breaking Christian News (BCN)

Op/Ed by Aimee Herd (May 28, 2008)

"We have seen people receiving Christ every week, but I believe it is just the beginning. The atmosphere of God's presence is amazing…"

Recently on Breaking Christian News, we published a news story, which has been carried by several major media outlets since then, about Val Thomas—a woman who was brain-dead and who, against all medical odds, has returned to life.

Val Thomas alive againIt was only after that story was published that I was able to obtain additional information on that situation, which gives even more glory to God. In fact, three people were saved in Val's family alone, because of her resurrection. The following is that report from a member of Val's church:

"…the story is true. In fact, the lady (Val Thomas) was in the hospital; brain dead. They had already called the funeral home. The family had three relatives that were not saved. Two family members told God if He would allow her to live, they would give their life to God. The other was Val's 70-year-old brother who had already left the hospital after she died. When they took her off life support, and after she woke up, she wanted to know where her son was. So they phoned the brother to come back to the hospital, and he hit his knees and gave his life to Christ too. The testimony was given Sunday morning at church and that's when the anointing broke out."

As we mentioned in our first report, a fact often left out of major media stories about Val Thomas' healing, is that the whole thing happened shortly after one of the church members had visited the Florida Healing Outpouring meetings in Lakeland, and upon returning, prayed for the same outpouring of God to break out in their own church (which happened to be Val's).

Florida Healing OutpouringIt occurred to me that some of our BCN readers may not be familiar with "revival meetings," and how God often moves in them, or how they are sometimes "contagious-by-the-Spirit," and similar moves-of-God seem to pop up in other areas—an "anointing" seemingly carried by people who come to a meeting, are touched by God in some way, and bring that "fire" back with them to their own fellowship. Some may be inclined to be skeptical, something I also battle at times. However, Jesus said that a tree is known by its fruit. (Matt. 7:15-20) That's why I was excited to hear of such fabulous fruit resulting from visiting the meetings in Florida—healing, salvations. CLICK HERE to read other testimonies from the Florida Healing Outpouring.

Even in just a purely practical way, there was fruit coming from the Florida Outpouring meetings early on. It was reported by MSNBC that during the first month, as the meetings began to grow in size, they were temporarily moved to Joker Marchant Stadium, where the Detroit Tigers play spring training baseball. There was a concern that there might be damage to the carefully prepared field in light of the crowds of people. However, according to Lakeland park department official Bob Donahay, "Organizers and revival-goers alike treated the facility with great respect and stayed off the grass. We didn't know what to expect," he said. "But they were model tenants."

The report went on to say: "Friday night's big crowd left a large amount of trash, as is typical for a big event. Parks officials provided trash bags to the organizers for Saturday and Sunday, and the revival attendees cleaned up the vast amount of their trash each night. And, according to Donahay, "They're a really, really nice group of people."

In addition, one person interviewed by MSNBC—who obviously did not condone the meetings—had to agree that they were actually helping the area financially. "It's helping our economy," he said. "People got to eat; they got to stay in hotels. And I'm picking up a lot more hours, even though we're coming into the slow season. So maybe he's bringing some healing to this area after all."

Healing Outpouring in Albany, Oregon

Pastor Denny ClineOne of the many pastors who have gone down to Florida, to attend some Outpouring meetings early on is Pastor Denny Cline, of Albany Vineyard Christian Fellowship in western Oregon. Upon returning, his church began holding healing meetings, which have continued for several weeks. Denny writes about them, below…

God's presence is increasing. We wondered, would God still move, even increase without doing meetings every night? His answer was a resounding YES. Last week we saw a noticeable increase in the level of God's presence in the meetings, and had a pile of testimonies by the end of the week. We have not intended to preach in these meetings, but every meeting is so different. Last week there seemed to be a theme on God's heart to let His people know that His Glory is His goodness. It's almost as though God is pleading with broken, the sick, the oppressed, and with us, to believe how good He really is and how much He cares for the lost.

No wonder the Gospels say "Jesus wept as He looked upon the multitudes because they were weary and scattered like sheep with no Shepherd." The phrase "weary and scattered" means harassed by the enemy. I am so impressed in this outpouring that God is first healing up His own children, and showing them His goodness to wreck us on His love. The result is, and will be, an army of people who are free, confident, and overflowing with God's love to take into the fields of harvest. We have seen people receiving Christ every week, but I believe it is just the beginning. The atmosphere of God's presence is amazing. And then He just moves as we follow His lead.

Every night people get healed on the inside and physically. The kind and level of healings is growing. But we need to continue till we see the lame not just get up for the first time, but leaping and praising God with complete wholeness. There are some manifestations of gold dust at times, dental miracles, and even one woman reported to me yesterday of receiving weight loss after prayer. That may seem trivial to some, but not if your health is at risk and you have tried everything to lose weight with no success. God is truly good to all, in all kinds of ways. Please check our website for the latest testimonies including a young boy healed of cancer in his knee after missing his surgery and coming to the meetings instead to receive prayer.

Sometime in June we will start equipping meetings in the mornings on Friday and Saturday to get this anointing deeper in every one who is hungry to do the works of Jesus. We also have the meetings live on Ustream from a link on our web site for those who can't make it, (CLICK HERE) for streaming live meetings and to read healing testimonies.

In Lakeland, the meetings go into a summer long venue at the airfield in Lakeland starting this week. If you can go to Lakeland, you should. If you can't, God is breaking out in places like Albany and other states. God will meet you wherever you go. If you can come to Albany, bring the sick, the broken, and lost with you. And come expecting God to do anything and everything. –Pastor Denny Cline

We at BCN know it is important to medically confirm, whenever possible, healings that are reported to us, and as we receive confirmation to reports, we will gladly pass them along to our readers—to the glory of God.

Source: Ignited Church, Albany VCF, MSNBC

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kim Clement: "The Release of the Sound of Restoration of Inspiration, Anticipation, and Expectation for the Miraculous Like Never Before"

Courtesy of the

"During Your Spring and Summer I Will Open Up a Veil"

Kim ClementProphesied May 2, 2008 - Orlando, Florida:

The Spirit of God says, "There is a new sound," for God said, "I'm raising it up from dust, from your children. There is a sound coming from the Samuels, a sound coming from the Ruths and the Esthers--there is a new sound. Some have stood on the battlefield and said, 'We are discouraged,'" but God said, "The sound that I'm bringing is a restoration, for there has been an isolation of inspiration, there has been an isolation of inspiration.

"Now," God said, "I will take that inspiration that has been lacking, that energy, and like there was an experience at the upper room, and so during your spring months and summer, I will open up a veil. I will open up a veil and I will release inspiration. My people shall be inspired, for the enemy has isolated inspiration.

"No longer! I'm opening up a veil and releasing the powers--the power of energy, inspiration, anticipation. There shall be a revival of anticipation," says the Lord. "There shall be a revival of anticipation. They shall say, 'We anticipated nothing in the house of God.

"We came to the house of the Lord with no expectancy.'" God said, "I will revive inspiration, I will revive expectation to the degree that if there is enough expectancy, I will pour out of the miraculous like it's never happened before," says the Spirit of the Living God.

The Youth Will Come Back to the House of the Lord

God said, "My people shall come back to the place of divine inspiration. They shall say, 'We cannot get back into the house of God.' Why? Because," God said, "the enemy has isolated inspiration, so that there's no longer inspiration in My people. But," God said, "now, because I'm tearing a veil open, I'm causing young men and women to say, 'I want to go to the house of the Living God. I want to go to the house of the Living God.'"

God said, "You prophesied to a generation that were yet to be born, that would praise His name. And," God said, "those have been born, and they shall say, 'We cannot wait to go to the house of the Lord!'" The Spirit of the Lord said, "There is a revival of anticipation, inspiration. But," God said, "if you just get anticipation to a higher point, you will draw Me into your place of refuge," says the Lord, "and together we will bring the miraculous into your homes and into your lives," says the Lord.

I cannot wait to go to the house of the Lord! I cannot wait to go to the house of the Lord!

Somebody said out there, How could this be possible? Why would you come and prophesy to us? Because you know why? I see a bunch of dead bones--not here, but throughout our youth--this generation. And God said, "If you begin to prophesy to the dead bones, I will make a mighty army out of them. But you've got to prophesy: 'I cannot wait to go to the house of the Lord! I cannot wait to go to the house of the Lord!'"

We prophesy to the dead bones in the valley of dry bones. We prophesy that you are inspired and say: "I cannot wait to go to the house of the Lord!"

This isolation of the miraculous and the isolation of the inspiration is coming to an end. Dogmatic theology has isolated inspiration, and now we want perfection. God said, "I'm looking for somebody like David, that lost his clothes when he danced before the Lord with all his might; that's what I'm looking for."

We refuse to have our inspiration isolated anymore, I'm gonna be inspired!

A God-Point-of-View

The anticipation is the key; the enemy has isolated our joy, our expectancy. Why is it that we come without any more expectancy? There has been an isolation of the prophetic revelation. Let's not stop the prophet, because he wants to take your point of view and give you a God-view, a divine view. So, tonight, we're going to get rid of all of our points of view. There's too many points of view, and they're too sharp. We're gonna flatten them tonight.

God wants you to have a revival of inspiration. He says, "I want My people so inspired, even if everything is going wrong, I want them to get moving with My inspiration, and say, 'Lord, I know that I know that I know that You can do something right now! I know that I know that I know that I know that God can do it again!'"

God says, "I'm taking out what has been lost for so long. I'm taking out, I'm opening up the veil so people can come with expectancy." People can come with expectancy. You see, if there's no expectancy, there's no deliverance, there's no miracles, there's nothing unusual. If you come with the mentality the "same old same old," then you're going to leave with the "same old same old."

Now, what is God telling me to do in Florida? He's telling me that if I can just sense the celebration of His presence; if I can just sense not a tolerance, but a celebration; He says if I can sense an expectancy; if I can sense an anticipation again, He will release what has already been promised, but has been held back. God said, "It's been held back, but now if I just sense My people united in anticipation, I will give you what has been held back and has now gone beyond the time. The enemy has held it back and said, 'They cannot--there is no faith.'" But God said, "Tonight I sense anticipation." God says, "Tonight I sense an eagerness. I sense," says the Lord, "a weariness." Lord, we want to shake it off!

"Nevertheless, We Will Trust Your Word!"

"There is a mysterious influence that I'm giving to you, this house--a mysterious influence. What is this? For even as Simon Peter gave to Jesus his boat, and Jesus stood on his boat and ministered to the multitudes from a distance, when He was through with it, He said to Simon Peter, 'Climb into your boat, and go and cast your nets into the deep for a great catch.'

"Simon Peter, in weariness, responded, 'Lord, we have labored all night long and caught nothing. But nevertheless, at Your word, we'll do it. We don't sense inspiration, we've labored, we're tired, we have toiled, we've caught nothing--but nevertheless, not at my inspiration, not at my level of faith, not at where I stand, nevertheless at Your word, I will do it.'"

Some of you in this building tonight, you're weary, you've labored, you've thought it's in vain; it's been through the night. You've caught nothing. And guess what? There is no shortage of fish, there is no shortage of fish. I don't care what they say on CNN, I don't care what they say on Fox about a recession. I say what I heard from Heaven above, and will tell you tonight: There is no recession, there is no recession!

There will be no recession!

There's a cloud of prophetic presence. I saw it coming in. It's a cloud of God's prophetic presence.

Nevertheless, Lord, our history for 15 hours--no fish. We are not inspired by our history, we are not inspired by our past. But nevertheless, once again, we will trust Your word. I think tonight, we have a great opportunity for a "nevertheless" moment.

Suddenly, they stood there on that sea, 12-15 hours fishing. Afterwards, you start believing, "There are no fish in this sea, how could there be? We are the best fisherman in the sea."

It's time for you to act on a "nevertheless" word. Can you hear His word tonight? I'm hearing something from God. "Lord, You don't understand." There is no shortage of fish, there is a shortage of His presence on your boat.

We Can't Do It Without His Presence

Our labor and our skill and our industry, we know so well that we think that we can do it without the presence of Christ. I address these to the churches, and myself as well, when we've gotten to the point that we know our industry so well--we know our ministry so well that we begin to labor and we catch nothing and we wonder, "Why has God let me down?"

He said, "No, I'll tell you what you're missing, pal. There is no deficiency of fish, there's no shortage in your sea. There is a shortage of God's presence in your boat." Jesus, grab my boat and take a hold of it with Your presence!

"'Nevertheless,' is what I want to hear from you! 'Nevertheless, nevertheless! At Your word, at Your word!'

"Everything that's been isolated in your life," God said, "I'm opening it up tonight. I want them to hear what's been prophesied in Florida. They misunderstand--you've been suffering the same thing as they have."

You've labored, you've toiled, but we have a determined echo in our spirit saying, "Nevertheless, nevertheless!"

As you said, "Nevertheless," a magnet, a mysterious influence on your boat, drew, by His will, a catch of fish too great that nets began to break, because there was no expectancy. You see, you can say, "Nevertheless, at Your word we will cast into the deep," but if there is no expectancy, you're gonna lose what you caught.

Because God has told me that this time around, the catch is going to be so big that you better have your ducks in a row, so that when you've got too much, you're going to have somebody else's net to put it into.

Nevertheless, nevertheless!

A New "Attraction" Will Draw Them

In this place right now there is a mysterious influence. I'm not trying to be spooky or anything, but upon that boat that day, for some reason, fish that were outright lazy, fish that were not hungry, fish that said, "I'm staying right where I am"--saw this boat as a huge, huge piece of bait. They didn't know it was bait; it was delicious, there was an attraction, they started drawing from every part of the sea to this boat. And suddenly, they caught and they caught--it's called a mysterious influence.

God said, "There is a something coming of an attraction to My people." We are standing in a city where attraction is the word they use to bring people from all over the world to catch them. And they do capture them.

But God said, "There is a new attraction coming. There is a new dynamic that will draw them. This is the word of the Lord. An influence that will draw them, and they will say, 'For no rhyme or reason, we were drawn to go to them. We were drawn to take the contract from them. We were drawn to sell, we were drawn to buy, we were drawn to go and give to them, we were drawn.'

"This is the handkerchief that Paul had for an unusual manifestation. For the tears and the heartache and the perversions over the years have now come to an end, a bitter end. Now," God says, "let this be the handkerchief, the cloth of unusual manifestation for you to open your mouths and give nothing but a sweet report of God's grace and mercy!"

Florida, you have waited so many times until the bitter end to let your voice be heard. God said, "You and I have stood through many tests, and so you have felt the great hurricanes, you've felt the great winds blow upon the house and upon the people of God, which means there is a breath of fresh air that is coming."

If there is a breath of fresh air, it means that there is going to be a divine attraction upon it, because you've got to realize that there's nothing in the upper room that would attract any human being--even their prayers didn't do it. But there was something that I have found that is missing in the Body of Christ right now, and that's expectation, and that is anticipation.

They knew it, because God had promised them. They waited for a long time, and in that upper room, it didn't matter what they were praying, it didn't matter what level of faith they had in their prayers, and it didn't matter if their prayers were repetitious. But there was something that is lacking today, and that was anticipation. They knew that God had promised that there would be Somebody that would come and stand alongside of them.

Do you realize that there are promises that we have for us today and there should be a divine embarrassment that we have tolerated our church service the way that it is? I want you to know something, there is going to be an embarrassment--there should be an embarrassment--of the way we have tolerated our services.

We have tolerated the lack of miracles. We have tolerated the lack of spontaneity, we've tolerated the lack of the upper room experience.

We should be embarrassed that we've put up with it. I say there should be a revival of embarrassment, where we say, God, we should be embarrassed that we've put up with this for so long.

A Hundred-Fold Anointing--FOR EVERYONE!

Prophesied May 4, 2008 - Miami, Florida:

Hear the word of the Lord tonight. "Your enemy, the adversary, has tried to steal, and he looked and he mocked you. Satan said, 'I have taken from you what is most precious. Now I will mock you and say you cannot heal yourself.'

"But it is not so. For," God says, "it all belongs to Me. It all belongs to Me! Therefore, may I surprise you tonight with these words: Whatever was stolen from you has been placed back into My hands. Now I have prepared it, I have strengthened what has been stolen from you, only to give it back to you with a hundred-fold anointing! Are you prepared to take it back?

"Lift your hands and take it back, take it back, take it back, yes! Take it back, take it back, take it back now.

"The silver and the gold, they are Mine. The cattle on a thousands hills--it's Mine. It all belongs to Me," says the Lord. "You will not leave this building until you have taken from My hand what you thought was stolen from you. Are you prepared to believe? Are you prepared to believe that I, the Lord your God, can give it back to you tonight in a portion so huge that you'll be glad that you lost it in the first place?"

There is restoration that is taking place in this building. Listen, I'm hearing the Spirit of the Lord saying, "Because the powers of darkness that have surrounded Miami, that have come into Florida, looked at you with a mocking look, hear the sound tonight of God in your voice. One shall chase a thousand, two shall chase ten thousand. What do you think you are chasing tonight? Lift your voice and, one more time, shout!"

It's coming back, it's coming back to you right now. Right now, take it!

"I'm restoring," says the Lord, "a greater portion of prayer. I'm giving you the ability tonight, with just a few words of prayer, to release what you need: Just one word, and the paralyzed servant in your house will be healed; just one word, and all paralysis in your life, in your home, will be destroyed; just one word from the mouth of Christ--that word is here tonight! Take it! Pray, pray! Call Me, call Me, that I may come with the greater portion. Heaven's opened up to every person, to every human being, to every sect, to every family.

There are 77 Families that God Has Set Aside

"There is a presence of celebration for the prophet, and when My people celebrate My gift, My voice, I reward it. When the King of Israel stood before the prophet Elisha, Elisha would not prophesy. He would not speak about the water, he would not speak about the abundance. But standing next to the King of Israel was the King of Judah, and at the presence of Judah, the prophet prophesied. Judah means praise. At the presence of praise--when you make praise--your King, God, speaks."

There are 77 families in this building that God has set aside for the spring months to do something that they never expected. He will take the curse and replace it with a blessing, for now the exact opposite to what you are experiencing is about to happen. Your children are coming back. Twenty-eight of you have husbands that are not here, not even close. Before the summer they shall bow their knee in this building and shout, "Jesus, I want You!"

Four of those families, your children, are gay: two lesbians, three of them homosexuals. God says, "I will turn it around through the spring, into the summer. I will surprise you at how quickly this shall happen.

"Tonight I am taking one word and striking paralysis out of your house; no paralyzed person, nothing in your house paralyzed anymore. It's coming to life as the prophet prophesies. It's coming to life!"

I want those families to wave your hands right now. I release it to you in the name of Jesus!

They are no longer somewhere in the future, they are right here in the present. "Your future has just become your present," says the Lord!

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Teenage Girls Kidnapped By Muslims; Rescue Incites Rampage in Nigeria

Photos from Compass Direct

On May 12, the police rescued two Christian girls, Mary Chikwodi Okoye (15) and Uche Edward (14), who were kidnapped by Muslim militants three weeks ago in the town of Ningi, Bauchi state, according to a May 19 report from Compass Direct. The kidnappers initially took the girls to the house of a Muslim leader in the town of Wudil. Okoye's foster father and a group of believers heard where the girls were being held. When they arrived at the home, however, the girls had been relocated to the residence of a Muslim leader in Ningi. When the team went to this home they were told by the leader that the girls had converted to Islam and could not be released. The police then stepped in and evacuated the girls to eastern Nigeria where they were reunited with their biological parents.

The following day, Muslims associated with a paramilitary arm of Kano state's Sharia Commission went on a rampage, attacking Christians and setting fire to local churches, in protest of the girls' release. Six church buildings -- the Deeper Life Bible Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, All Souls Anglican Church, Church of Christ in Nigeria, Redeemed Christian Church of God, and the Redeemed Peoples Mission -- were destroyed in the attack. The Muslims also attacked shops belonging to Okoye's foster father, looting and destroying goods worth over 50 million naira ($430,360 CAD).

Thank the Lord that Mary and Uche were safely released. Ask God to strengthen those affected by the mob attack to remain steadfast as they suffer (Revelation 2:10). Pray that young Christian girls in Nigeria who have been kidnapped by Muslims will remain strong in faith and be freed.

For more information on the persecution facing Christians in Nigeria, click here. Go to for a preview of VOMC's new DVD, "Nigerian Voices: Testimonies of the Persecuted."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A TIME to Think HARVEST! An 8-Day Prayer Focus

By Chuck Pierce


Most of us do not understand harvest time. Because of our complex lives, we are far removed from the actual production of our food supplies and the origination of the source of our provision. The harvest was a most important season (Gen 8:22; 45:6). Our lives should be aligned and reconciled around a harvest mentality (Gen 30:14; Josh 3:15; Judg 15:1; Ruth 1:22; 2:23; 1 Sam 6:13; 2 Sam 21:9; 23:13).

Revisit and review when you or your family bloodline had a breakthrough and moved forward in some type of harvest shift and mentality. I decree that you will see when any curse entered your bloodline to rob you. Let the Lord remind you of the events that came to kill, steal, and destroy your harvest progression! Allow this to be:

  1. A season of gathering (Zech. 8).
  2. A season of judgment (Jer. 51:33, Joel 3:13, Rev 14:15).
  3. A season of grace (Jer. 8:20).
  4. A time for the Good News to be heard (Mt. 9:37-38; Jn. 4:35).
  5. An end of a season or age and the beginning of a new season of provision (Mt. 13:39).

We must understand that Harvest has a process:

  1. The seed was broadcast and plowed under in late winter.
  2. Prayer was offered for rain - the early and the latter rain (Zech. 10).
  3. The grain was grasped and cut with the sickle (Deut. 16:9 and Mark 4:29).
  4. The grain was gathered into sheaves (Deut 24:5).
  5. The grain was taken to the threshing floor.
  6. Tools were used for threshing. You have tools for harvest.
  7. The grain was winnowed (tossed in the air). Let the wind blow away your chaff.
  8. The remaining grain was shaken into a sieve (Amos 9:9). Some of you are in this process.
  9. The grain was brought into the storehouse. Find your storehouse.

Your Harvest must be protected because Harvest has major enemies:

  1. Drought. Ask the Lord to identify and break all your dryness.
  2. Locust invasion. Ask the Lord to remove any devouring in your harvest.
  3. Plant diseases (mold, mildew). Ask the Lord to remove any mold in your life.
  4. Hot, scorching winds. Ask the Lord to turn any adverse winds.
  5. War. The enemy wanted to live off the land. Declare that any enemy that has eaten your harvest will run out of your land.


This feast was also called the "Day of First Fruits" (Num. 28:26) because it marked the beginning of the time in which people were to bring offerings of firstfruits. It was a feast of joy and thanksgiving for the completion of the harvest season. Then these offerings were presented as a "wave offering" for the people. The first ripe fruit, grapes, grain, oil, wine, and the first of fleece, were required as an offering (Ex. 22:29; Lev. 2:12-16; Num. 18:12; Deut. 18:4; 2 Chr. 31:5; Neh. 10:35,37,39; Prov. 3:9; Jer. 2:3; Rom. 11:16). At this time, the Lord was credited as the source of rain and fertility (Jer. 5:24). In the New Testament the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples at Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4), at the festive time when Jews from different countries were in Jerusalem to celebrate this annual feast. The interval between Pentecost and tabernacles was the time for offering firstfruits. Ask the Lord for your firstfruit offering.


8-Day Prayer Focus

Day 1: Read Hosea 6, especially v. 11. Ask the Lord to revive and raise you up. Ask Him to reveal your harvest to you. "Also, O Judah, a harvest is appointed for you, when I return the captives of My people."

Day 2: Read Exodus 23, especially v. 16. "And the Feast of Harvest, the firstfruits of your labors which you have sown in the field, and the Feast of Ingathering at the end of the year, when you have gathered in the fruit of your labors from the field." Thank God for His leading. Be willing to follow Him. Thank Him that He has given you firstfruits.

Day 3: Read Gen 2 and 8:22. "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease." Ask the Lord to reveal your harvest season to you.

Day 4: Read John 16:7, 13. The old Jewish festival obtained a new significance for the Christian church by the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you new and fresh.

Day 5: Read John 17. Take Communion. Ask the Lord to reveal any horizontal relationships that are not right.

Day 6: Read Job 5, especially v. 5. "Because the hungry eat up his harvest, taking it even from the thorns, and a snare snatches their substance." Ask the Lord to show you how the enemy has had access to your harvest.

Day 7: Read 1 Sam. 12, especially v. 17. "Is today not the wheat harvest? I will call to the LORD, and He will send thunder and rain, that you may perceive and see that your wickedness is great, which you have done in the sight of the LORD, in asking a king for yourselves." Ask the Lord if there are any judgments on your harvest.

Day 8: Read Prov 6:8. The harvest mentality of ants is mentioned as a lesson for the sluggard. Break any apathy that is stopping you from moving forward. Memorize Proverbs 20:4. "The lazy man will not plow because of winter; he will beg during harvest and have nothing." Ask the Lord to reveal any area of laziness in your life that has stopped you from plowing. Meditate on Proverbs 10:5. "He who gathers in summer is a wise son; he who sleeps in harvest is a son who causes shame." Break a spirit of slumber. Ask the Lord if you have rested when you should have gathered.

TheCall DC: Possibly the Most Important Gathering Ever, for America

Courtesy of Breaking Christian News (BCN)

Aimee Herd (May 22, 2008)

TheCall DC will take place on August 16, 2008, the National Park Service is allowing the use of the entire Washington National Mall for the event.

FOUNDING EDITOR'S NOTE: I was at the first CALL DC and it was amazing. Please consider attending this year. The times are even more urgent than they seemed in 2000. And please DO forward this to every BELIEVER, young and old that you know. Let's fill the Capitol Mall! -Steve Shultz, BCN.

TheCall in DCFollowing God's direction, Lou Engle spearheaded a gathering on the Washington National Mall back in 2000, naming it TheCall. Since then, solemn assemblies of prayer and fasting, involving thousands of people have been held in cities all throughout America.

Now, eight years later, TheCall returns to the National Mall for perhaps the most vital gathering of prayer and intercession ever, for the USA. In addition, the Lord seems to have granted favor over the event, evidenced by the immense amount of space allocated by authorities. Lou Engle explains…

"There have been other gatherings on the Washington Mall this year that the National Park Service would only give 3rd through 7th Street to, to hold their events. That portion was given to TheCall as well. But amazingly, a few weeks ago, the new director of the National Park Service called us and said for some reason they have decided to give us the whole mall.

"…If we gather 50,000 people that are fully consecrated to God, it could affect the heart of heaven. Maybe God wants to gather a half a million. I don't know. But, on this 40th year anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, I have a dream that the whole nation could be stirred to fast and pray so that God may grant us a great window of mercy, rule over the elections, and fight for us in this battle for the foundations of righteousness and family in the land. I believe that the Lord has given us favor for a reason."

In the following alert, Lou urges prayer warriors of all ages to make plans now to be a part of the upcoming gathering in DC, held in August.

A brief glance at the headlines of our daily newspapers exposes the frailty of the moral fabric of our nation as the corruption of sin digs its claws deeper and deeper into the hearts and minds of our young people. The serpentine stranglehold of abortion continues to squeeze the life out of over 1.6 million wombs every year in our nation, wiping out nearly one-third of an entire generation born since 1973.

The growing slave trade of pornography, homosexuality, human trafficking, and sexual perversion—not only accepted by the culture, but now shamelessly promoted by it—has claimed countless young men and women, pilfering the Kingdom of the Lord's inheritance. 2008 is an incredibly important year in the history of our nation—politically, culturally and economically. We are truly in an hour of crisis. In the midst of it all, God is calling His people back to Himself. Now is the time to sound the alarm! Who will hear His cry?

In 2000, 400,000 people, both young and old, gathered on the National Mall in Washington, DC to fast and pray believing the dream that a nation can change. That gathering and many others have marked tens of thousands of young people, inciting a prayer revolution and inspiring a dream in their hearts that they could be a voice for change. Now, the nation is in crisis again and we feel it is time for TheCall to go to a national scale in another historic gathering in our nation's capital.

TheCall isn't a conference or a festival; it is a solemn assembly—a gathering of all ages, races and denominations. The 12 hours of TheCall are spent primarily before the Lord in the place of prayer and worship. We believe the hour is late and the time's urgent. Our nation is in desperate need of revival. We're seeing the signs of God moving, but we do not have what we want. We have to have a full-scale revival break loose, and it will be only through the collective body of Christ uniting together in the place of prayer that we will find any hope in this hour. We must strike, strike and strike again until we have widespread revival!

When there is no remedy, when there is no hope for a nation, God still has a holy prescription… "Blow the trumpet in Zion, gather the people, call a fast." (Joel 2:12-18)

Will you join us for TheCall DC, August 16th on the National Mall in Washington, DC, to cry out with fasting and prayer that the dream of God could yet be fulfilled for this nation?

For more information, visit and watch TheCall's 3-minute Promo Video.

See you at the National Mall on August 16th!

Source: Lou Engle -

Danny Steyne: "New Barns, New Bowls, New Wineskins...this outpouring is different than any before!"

Courtesy of the

"And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the new wine will burst the skins, and it will be spilled out, and the skins will be ruined. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins." Luke 5:37-38

What is to Come is Here!

Over the last few months, I have watched the Lord step things up in a brand new way! I believe it is in order to not simply reach the Harvest, but also contain the Harvest.

It's not enough to see fruit. We must never let the fruit simply be "cast" on the ground--it must be lasting! How can we sustain the Presence of God--the freshness, the simplicity of His Presence, His Power and His Love?

Regionally, we have been walking through a word that Graham Cooke gave to my wife Karen and me about "building a 'prototype' church--something that has never been done before--without a model--without a place to look to other than God."

In early February, God clearly indicated that the prototype was far more than simply something that hadn't been done before, it was in fact the early rendering of something yet to come! It was a new wineskin--a process ever evolving in direct obedience and submission to the Holy Spirit. It was the place I had longed for throughout my Christian walk. It was the place of extreme awkwardness, extreme dependence, and extreme and utter abandonment to His Purposes.

Offending Some. But Blessing Even More!

We began believing that Jesus really did "lead" the Church and as a result, we enjoyed the things that He did, without apologizing to the religious spirit for them. It offended some, but blessed many more! He spoke to us to become purposeful in establishing His Kingdom release of love, joy, freedom, power, and glory every ninety miles throughout the western world! He was raising the ante from simply sustaining a vision to reaching the 6.6 billion that capture His every thought! It seemed audacious then and it's becoming apparent why He spoke that now!

Many are ready to be reached, and the containers with all the "baggage" of religious language and structure will have a difficult time responding to the Harvest.

We are stepping into a time of Great Harvest and we won't be able to use old wineskins to try and contain it.

The barns that held harvest many years ago won't hold this harvest! God is completely overhauling the places that He is going to fill. It's not a remodel job, it's a demolish and rebuild job!

"See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant." Jeremiah 1:10

"Every branch in Me that doesn't bear any fruit, He prunes off; and every branch that already bears fruit, He prunes off, that it may bear much more fruit." John 15:2

(Note by Steve Shultz: The reader should know that what is meant here is not the demolition of church buildings or church meetings. No, this is referring to a complete demolition-like overhaul...a remaking from the ground up--of all that God is doing with the Church, both inside and outside of church buildings.)

Many have been experiencing the demolition in their own midst, wondering if God could possibly be in it, believing that more than likely, it was the enemy who stole from them. But pruning is the promise of God to those who are going to be used in greater ways. To be changed from Glory to Glory is the purpose of God, and sometimes that involves the removal of limbs distracting from that which is His Glory!

"The men of the city said to Elisha, 'Look, our lord, this town is well situated, as you can see, but the water is bad and the land is unproductive.' 'Bring me a new bowl,' he said, 'and put salt in it.' So they brought it to him. Then he went out to the spring and threw the salt into it, saying, 'This is what the LORD says: I have healed this water. Never again will it cause death or make the land unproductive.'" 2 Kings 2:19-21

It's Time for the New Bowls!

Elisha, the newly ordained prophet of Israel, is called on to do his first miracle in the Promised Land. Interestingly, it's at the same place that the first victory came to the people of Israel many years before. Jericho! Right outside of Jericho, there is this little spring that pours water through it constantly at a wonderful speed! It looks so refreshing, so inviting, and so full of promise and life, yet simply it is poison to the whole region! I imagine the people had spent their time praying for this spring to be cleansed. Likely, the whole community gathered to discuss some possible resolve for the situation at the spring.

It's likely that some may even have gone to Jerusalem to sacrifice something in the hopes that there would be a cleansing of the water. This was supposed to be a provider of life. It was supposed to be something that would result in fruit in the community and enough fruitfulness that the community would be able to live off of what was released as a result of this water. I think eventually, the people gave up; they realized the water simply wasn't any good, and all the considerations of how to purify it didn't work. But the men of the city, the ones who sat in the gates, the leaders, they still pressed into healing for the water. For some reason, they held on to the hope that this would provide life and sustenance for their community and families.

In the same way many have walked away from the existing church believing it is too rife with problems. But there are a few who are holding out for a miracle. Those with a fresh sense of God to break the pattern of unproductivity and fruitlessness and release God into the mix where everything changes!

That day is HERE!

These may even be vessels who may have tattoos, who may look very different than what we expect, but who play the foolish donkey that carries the Lord in to His people!

A last resort is Elisha. The great prophet Elijah had been there just yesterday, but he didn't do anything. He likely was asked, and possibly he tried and prayed to do what had previously worked--but it didn't work this time! Maybe a "new" prophet wouldn't consider what was done before; maybe he would consider what had never been done! Maybe he would think new and act new. Maybe he would actually hear something from God and not simply do what he felt like he needed to do, but maybe he would do what God said!

Maybe rather than prophesying that the water would never provide life again, he would believe that it should, because anything meant to give life should give life. And anything less than that would be a perversion of God's intentions on the earth!

Can You Do Anything Elisha?

The conversation goes something like this (paraphrased): "Can you bring me a bowl?" Elisha says, "Oh, one that has no preconceived ideas. It must be a new one. It must not have any idea of what may be going into it. There must be no taste of leftovers on it." He hears back, "That may take longer to get, Elisha. My wife has a good used one nearby. Does it really matter?"

Elisha says, "Yes! It REALLY matters! I want a new bowl. I want something that has no history other than the potter's wheel; no history other than the furnace; no history other than the simplicity of knowing that there is future destiny. I'm not sure how that will be fulfilled, only that one day it will be full of God's purpose!"

Elisha takes the new bowl. The one that doesn't look back at history, but looks forward into promise. The bowl that doesn't recall how things used to be and won't bring to recollection of how revivals started in the past. He pours, he fills the bowl with salt! He prophetically declares--that which poisons the fields of the enemy will in fact purify the springs of life!

"You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again? It is good for nothing anymore, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men." Matthew 5:13

Jesus would one day indicate that we are the salt of the earth. He would declare that we would salt everything--not simply sit in bowls, but rather change the nature of everything that we touch! Paul indicates that we are "vessels"--pots--bowls intended to be filled with Jesus!

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the surpassing greatness of the power may be of God and not from ourselves." 2 Corinthians 4:7

Elisha was speaking into the erroneous teaching which says that all we need was more power. We don't need more power, and the early church NEVER asked for more power. The Holy Spirit was fully poured out at Pentecost, how do you get more than fully, which is ALL? The early church asked for one thing: Make us saltier; make us bolder.

"Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable Your servants to speak Your word with great boldness." Acts 4:29

Locking Up Religion and Unbelief

Over a year ago, I sat in a room with a huge padlock that was given to me, prophetically, by some intercessors several months before. I was told I had authority to lock up two things with two padlocks, but I was to hear from Papa God what those two things were.

When I heard Him speak to me, I thought, "How audacious that seems, God. How can I lock up that? It's huge!"

He told me to lock up the first thing. He called it religion--unholy, pharisaical religiousness. Then the second thing, which was unbelief that the god of this age had used to blind the minds of those who don't believe.

(Note from Steve Shultz: I like to use some of these revelations as both the word as revealed to people and to the Church itself, and as a teaching tool to others who read this. God often has modern-day believers do prophetic acts to affect their household, their church, their cities, their regions, or even the Church at large. Only God Himself knows what each prophetic act, done in faith--accomplishes and how far and wide it affects people. The point is--be obedient with your prophetic acts. Agabus did a prophetic act by showing Paul a belt, restraining the prophet himself to tell Paul about his future. He COULD have just told Paul, but instead, he acted it out as a prophetic act. It was up to God and Paul--how that act would come about. And God also didn't remove the freedom of choice from Paul the Apostle when the word was given. Paul responded to that word differently than Agabus wanted him to.)

How, Lord?

"How, Lord?" The padlocks clicked and in an unceremonious way, I knew something happened in the spirit. He told me that locking these two things up would release the Harvest. Believers would be believers again and they would operate without religiousness and with great faith! (Please know I am not speaking of the true religion in James 1:27, which takes care of widows and orphans, that is not what I am speaking of!)

We are the Salt of the Earth, Jesus Said

The springs that are the Church, the places intended to produce life, could be healed by one thing--salt. This would be an infection of salt in containers without a preconceived idea of how to do it. Protocol will only measure up to the level of the religious spirit that rules.

Jesus used a different kind of protocol. It was called "as it is in Heaven" protocol. He walked into the temple at the height of His ministry and offended the religious spirit. HE NEVER PLACATED IT! Jesus never appeased that spirit, never played into its hand, and was never manipulated by it, NEVER!

The only way to see life come into the existing "springs" is for salt to be released in them, so that it can purify the water. The holy cure of the salt will destroy the unholy poison of the religious spirit. It's rather shocking when it happens, but salt always brings life.

Salt is a shock to the system. Salt penetrates and burns away infection. It heals wounds, but it always makes itself known very boldly!

The authority we have is in fact the authority of Jesus Himself. He modeled it. His disciples modeled it. And throughout church history, it has been modeled to hear from God for every generation. What Martin Luther did in the "reformation," others are doing today in the "restoration!"

Hezekiah, a king that Scripture says, "did right in the eyes of the Lord as His Father David did!" actually destroyed a profound memento of a former revival because it had produced idolatry in the hearts of the people (2 Kings 18:4). The New Move of revival couldn't happen if the old idols remained! The revival he was a part of, history calls "rebellion." He rebelled against the King of Assyria--the "success" of the region, the foundation of Babel that would rise up in pride against God. This was the source of the Babylonian Empire that would imprison God's people in walls of unholy, religious pride that appeared successful.

In this hour of the Harvest, God is raising up a people who will rebel against that idol of success and pride and who will speak reformation. He is raising up a people who will step into a restoration of the heart and purposes of God as they become the salt that has not lost its saltiness! They will be bold as lions and unafraid of Pharisees that have accommodated religion.

(Note from Steve Shultz: All Believers in Jesus are salt--the salt of the earth. We are exhorted by Jesus NOT TO LOSE our flavor. So some are very salty and perhaps, some have lost some of their saltiness. I understand this to be a growing thing--the degree to which we are salt for and to the earth varies among each of us. Just as we are to let our lights shine, we are to keep our saltiness as well. Since we ARE salt and we ARE light, the variable is--how salty are we and how light are we?)

Those who reveal the most salt in themselves, have already died to their own purposes. What comes out of their mouths is the boldness of Heaven that could result in great opposition, but it doesn't matter. They know they are salt, and they know that it's only truth that sets people free--not compromise, not watered down, wishy-washy religious words--but only truth!

God is raising up "new bowls." He is pulling them out of the Potter's House. Some thought they had been put on a shelf and their ideas of God's destiny didn't fit the current structures that exist. Some wondered if the furnace was all in vain--or was it for such a time as this? The vast majority of the Church hasn't seen what is going to be released.

There are those who have been hidden and who have been waiting for this time. And now, the Father is requiring that these foolish "new" bowls be brought to serve up the life that will transform dry structures into the Bride of Christ! It's going to have an unconventional release because all they are concerned about is releasing salt into the poison of unbelief and religion and bringing forth the Life and Light that is Jesus throughout the earth!

Let us pray: "Lord, when the intimidation is there, cause us to rise in boldness and purifying love to overwhelm darkness. Don't let us hide in the upper room anymore. Give us the streets, give us the cities, give us the nations. Give us radical, faith-filled boldness, Lord, that looses Your Presence on the earth! If we have authority to bind and loose, then let us bind up our fears, and loose the boldness of Heaven on earth through bowls that have no preconceived ideas."

Danny Steyne
Mountain of Worship


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Francis Frangipane: "From Visitation to Habitation--the Goal of a Visitation from God is that We Become the Habitation of God"

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frangipaneThere had not been a prophet in Israel for more than 400 years. Now, in the spirit and power of Elijah, John the Baptist stood in the Judean wilderness. Lightning flashed from his eyes as his message thundered across the terrain of human souls before him. The storm of God had returned!

Historians tell us that John's penetrating ministry brought nearly one million people to a baptism of repentance. It was an unprecedented beginning to a time of visitation. It was into this electrified atmosphere of awakened faith that Jesus came, bringing miracles previously unseen in Israel's history. The presence of the living God was flowing through Christ; His message was unparalleled: the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand!

Yet, for all the multitudes, miracles, signs and wonders, incredibly, Jesus lamented over the nation. He wept because, according to His view, they failed to "recognize the time of (their) visitation" (Luke 19:44).

In what way did they miss this move of God? Certainly, vast multitudes responded to John's call for repentance. Clearly, people were in awe of the supernatural: the incurable had been cured and demoniacs delivered! And, what of the multitudes that followed Jesus into the wilderness whom He fed the loaves and fishes--didn't they recognize the uniqueness of this hour?

Obviously, the crowds were very familiar with the healing, miraculous dimensions of a visitation (see Luke 4:14-19; Isaiah 61:1-2). Yet, when God comes in visitation, He is seeking two unfolding realities: to destroy the works of the devil and then build His Kingdom into the lives of the newly healed. He does not come to heal us so we can drift back into our old lives. He heals us so He can transform us into His image. Indeed, the very captives He sets at liberty He then empowers to "rebuild the ancient ruins . . . raise up the former devastations the ruined cities" (Isaiah 61:4).

To ignore or minimize this transformational goal is serious. When we are given much, much is required. You see, the word visitation not only means a time of healing; it also refers to a time of inspection, of being examined closely. God not only participates in the joy of our deliverance, He is also examining us to see if we will now respond in increasing obedience.

Our obedience actually creates a different future for us, one that is blessed. Yet, if we do not respond, there are calamities awaiting also. He tells the newly healed to "not sin anymore" lest something worse happen (John 5:14). To the delivered He warns that, if their soul remains unoccupied after having their inner lives cleansed and put in order, the "last state of that man becomes worse than the first" (Matthew 12:45).

You see, at the very moment God removes our burdens, He is also removing our excuses. Having now been freed from oppression, the Lord expects that we will put aside our differences, reconcile and unite as a heavenly community, and begin to transform our world.

A New Season of Outpouring

Over the past years, the Lord has raised up an international armada of intercessory ministries. As a result of the prayer movement, especially TheCall and other solemn assemblies, the beginnings of a visitation are emerging. Reports are coming almost weekly of supernatural manifestations and revival. Many feel we are close to a spiritual awakening.

I personally have been following the Lakeland revival on Yes, there are minor things I might do differently, but I have been moved by the spiritual hunger of the people and also by the remarkable miracles and conversions. Most importantly, I have been touched by the attending presence of God's glory. Yet, while my heart swells with joy, I also fear. For when we cry for a holy visitation, we are crying for God's Kingdom--the very reign of God to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. My concern is, when we entreat the Almighty for His Kingdom, are we truly ready to surrender ours?

Most in first century Israel did not understand the goal of a visitation; they were blessed, touched and healed, but they did not attain God's purpose, and for them Jesus wept. Nevertheless, on Pentecost Christ's disciples did, in fact, carry the visitation to its appointed purpose: the early church became the dwelling of God on earth. The citywide church was united, committed to prayer and focused on Jesus (see Acts 3:1). Miracles were ordinary, as was extravagant giving to the poor. The early church set the standard for visitation: signs, miracles and conversions, but also Christ-centered unity among church leaders and believers alike.

If there is no functional, Christ-centered unity among the churches in your city, then let's begin by praying for the leaders. Yes, let us rejoice in the beginnings of revival. But, with sobriety, let us also keep in mind that the goal of a visitation from God is that we become the habitation of God.

Francis Frangipane
Ministries of Francis Frangipane


Monday, May 12, 2008

John Belt: "Taking Hold of the Key of David--COME UP HIGHER"

Isaiah 22:22, "The key of the house of David I will lay on His shoulder; so He shall open, and no one shall shut; and He shall shut, and no one shall open. I will fasten Him as a peg in a secure place, and He will become a glorious throne to His Father's house."

Taking Hold of the Key of David

The Lord is releasing fresh revelation of the Key of David in this hour. This is the time to take hold of that key with the revelation of what it means. The key of David is not outer court activity. It is entering into the most holy place where the glory dwells. The tangible presence and glory of God is accessed through intimate Throne Room worship. We must enter into the Throne Zone in order to see the tangible glory of God manifested in our midst. Hanging out in the outer court will not cut it. Jesus paid the price and shed His Blood so that we could enter in to the holiest of all through Him (Hebrews 10:19-22).

It is in that place that we find the glory and anointing needed to transform atmospheres on earth. We are called to be the carriers of His glory. Christ in you is the hope of Glory (Colossians 1:27). It is the glory of God that makes that difference. By laying hold of the Key of David, we lay hold of the glory of His Spirit allowing Him to manifest in us and through us.

Notice that the Key of David is mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 3:7). The Revelation of Jesus Christ is basically a Throne Room experience that John had when he was taken up in the spirit. So it is all about having a throne room paradigm. This is the proper perspective that we are to have as believers. We are not to see things from an earthly vantage point but from a Heavenly perspective. It is there that we are seated in the Heavenly places above all demonic forces. It is in the throne room that we have realization and revelation of the full victory that has been obtained for us. It is here that we walk out that victory and find Heaven's realities manifest in us.

As we take hold of this key of worship in the glory, we move into deeper realms of intimacy with God, greater revelation and understanding of His divine purposes, and we have the anointing to establish and plant His Kingdom in the earth. God got out of the box a long time ago, and He is longing for a people who will walk as habitations of God in the earth. Our mission is to carry His glory and release it. It is the true riches of His Presence that draw people to His heart.

Come Up Higher!

Psalm 18:33, "He makes my feet like the feet of deer, and sets me on my high places."

The Lord is calling us up higher. When God begins to manifest His glory, we need to make sure that we don't try to pitch tents and build structures prostituting His glory. If we come up higher in the intimacy of His presence finding our identity in Him, we will not do this. The merchandising of His glory is when men try to establish their own identities and kingdoms on what God is doing and drawing attention to themselves.

Jesus was transfigured before the eyes of Peter, James and John. Peter suggested tents be built, but this was not the heart of God. The glory of God shone on Jesus--a sign of God's endorsement of His Son. But man saw an opportunity--not what the Lord desired them to see. The Father gave a sharp correction from Heaven, "This is My SON, LISTEN TO HIM!" (see Mark 9:3-8).

After this, all they saw was Jesus! When the glory comes, our focus must be on hearing His voice and obeying--not falling into the trap of adding our "hamburger helper" to what God is doing. God does not need our embellishments. He desires our intimacy, affection and love directed towards Him. We must keep the focus on Him and not turn to earthly arrangements. It is amazing how when man sees the glory, there is the fleshly reaction to capitalize on what God is doing--building earthly structures, etc.

God wants things organic and living. But if man gets his paws on it, God withdraws His Presence. Man's fleshly agendas are a stench in God's nostrils. If we are to partake in what God is doing, we must keep our own agendas out of the mix. It is the mixture that causes confusion and ultimately brings disgrace.

New Wineskin Thinking

Mark 2:22, "And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine bursts the wineskins, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins."

If we are to partake in what God is pouring out in this hour with longevity, we must have a new mindset, a new wineskin. What does it mean to have a new wineskin? One thing it means is that we don't lean on our own understanding. There are many cultures in the Body of Christ--many different expressions in various congregations, ways of thinking and etc., and with that can come preconceived ideas of how things are supposed to be or look. So we need to be tenderhearted and be willing to lay down what is negotiable in the eyes of God. Otherwise, leaning on natural thinking and old ways are like crusty and stiff wineskins. These mindsets cannot carry the new wine of God's glory that is being poured out.

We need to be FLEXIBLE and tender to the Spirit in our hearts. The religious spirit can mold itself to ANY "culture." Not one church culture is exempt from this. We have the Word of God that is unchangeable and abides forever (Mark 13:31), but our church cultures and natural thinking are not eternal--they are manmade and have flaws. So we must always remain flexible. We should hold true to the Word, but remain flexible in regards to how things should look in regards to the moving of God's Spirit.

This is important because man's tendency is to try to put God in our boxed limited thinking. God will not fit in anyone's boxed thinking. He has this tendency to constantly break out of the box of man's thinking just to offend the mind. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We all hoped we could have God figured out, but it is just one of those things where He won't let us figure Him out completely--because HE IS GOD.

So set your natural thinking aside, and ask the Lord to help you see with the eyes of His Spirit. The natural mind cannot understand the ways of the Spirit. But the spirit within us is created to see and understand His ways (I Corinthians 2:11). So let's commit ourselves to see with the eyes of our hearts and allow God to blow our minds with His unlimited power!

The time is now to move into glory realm worship. It is in the glory that all of Heaven's resources are at our spiritual fingertips. Apprehend that tangible glory of God in your life and settle for nothing less!

2 Peter 1:17, "For He received from God the Father honor and glory when such a voice came to Him from the Excellent Glory: 'This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.'"

Worship in the Glory!

John Belt
Live in His Presence Ministries


Friday, May 09, 2008

Day 37 May 8th -- The Florida Healing Outpouring

Thursday night report!

HIGHLIGHTS from tonight’s report:
**Randy Clark from Toronto Blessing prophecies
**Claudio Freidzon
**Crack Baby with brain damage HEALED
**Lady healed listening to a voice message on her telephone

Roy Fields is leading worship tonight. The worship is so intense that it lasts TWO HOURS!

Many on the platform are ON THEIR BACKS ON THE FLOOR!!!
It appears that no one can take the mic.

Todd starts having visions of healings happening right now

We are in a GLOBAL atmosphere of CREATIVE MIRACLES…


A man had donated a kidney to a friend… he has been asking God for a new kidney… when Todd called out a new kidney… he felt the power of God go through his body!!!

A man has just had surgery on his neck… His neck is being healed…

A man had sent a txt to his son that the power of God is flowing… the SON TXT’S HIS DAD…


A lady has been here for several days… she came in a wheelchair because of the pain from a botched knee surgery… over the last few days, she has stopped using her chair… just a cane… now tonight she is totally healed.

A man had his whole thyroid taken out… a sugar problem… his body is totally healed!!!

A lady was born with near deafness in both ears… her ears are opening up…

A lady had knee replacement surgery, but couldn’t bend it all the way…


A lady came from Tampa to testify she has been healed while watching God TV… NO MORE ARTHRITIS!!!

A lady needed two knee replacements… the power of God is shaking her!!! She’s walking across the stage…


A teenage girl had arthritis for years… severe pain… the Holy Spirit started hitting her in the morning service and can’t stop shaking!!!

A lady responded to the word about stroke level… her blood pressure has been normal for days!!!

A lady with a LARGE BACK BRACE… comes on stage carrying the brace…


A lady with a golf ball size tumor on the esophagus… the doctors have removed it 24 times… it KEEPS GROWING BACK!!! IT’S GONE NOW!!!

A lady with severe arthritis in her right ankle… has used a cane for years…


A 20 month old crack baby… brain damage… they’ve been watching on God TV… Todd called out brain damage…


they’ve taking her back to the doctor this week… nothings wrong!!!

A lady with a large lump on her sided… THE LUMP DISSOLVED UNDER HER HAND… they’ve been watching on TV… came to just experience the meetings… GOT HEALED…

A lady flew all the way from Germany… Todd called out a lady had been kicked in the face by a horse when you were young… so she came ALL THE WAY FROM GERMANY to get healed and GET THE FIRE!!!

A man with chronic pain in his spine from cancer… HE IS FEELING STRENGTH in his spine…


A man called his sister on the cell phone… she has irregular heart beat and anxiety attacks and couldn’t leave the house… SHE IS TOTALLY HEALED!!!

More visions… The Glory is so thick…

A man was sitting in a restaurant with herniated disc… severe pain… someone prayed for him… TOTALLY HEALED.

A lady had a kidney transplant three years ago… when Todd called out new kidneys.. she felt God’s power go through her…


A young boy had two stigma in his eyes… thick glasses…

A man was watching TV when Todd called out a broken tail bone… he drove all the way here to testify!!!


A man has had a lung disease for 13 years… couldn’t take a deep breadth… HE’S BREATHING DEEP NOW!!!

A lady had a pace maker installed a few years ago… irregular heart beat for 7 years… the heart would often stop…


A lady called her friend in England during the healing service last night… her friend has been in severe pain for years… LEFT HER A MESSAGE ON HER VOICE MACHINE… the lady listened to the recording… WAS TOTALLY HEALED!!!


The line stretches from one side of the arena to the other…

The entire line of over 60 people SLAM TO THE FLOOR!!!



Todd has everyone in the arena join hands – THE FIRE HITS THE WHOLE ARENA!!!




Todd brings up his crusade director from Uganda… he has come for the double portion mantle of anointing!!!

Todd brings up Claudio Freidzon from the Great Argentina Revival… Claudio BLESSES the Florida Healing Anointing. BLESS BLESS BLESS

Todd prays for Claudio and all of Argentina… GLORY, SIGNS, AND WONDERS…

Todd calls up Randy Clark of the Toronto Blessing… Randy shares the story of how he heard about the Outpouring…

Randy shares how that it is hard for people to critique this Outpouring because Todd doesn’t have religious background to tie him to it… Randy also talks about the fact that the Holy Spirit is breaking out again HERE IN LAKELAND…




Randy begins to PRAY FOR THE NATIONS…






A lady with an incurable blood disorder for 13 years… and he has had the doctors report… she is totally healed!!!

A lady needing two knee replacements… SHE IS TOTALLY HEALED… Last week she was HEALED OF A COLON DISEASE…

A message came that there was someone dead in his home town…


A young man with severe pain in his knees… HE’S BENDING NOW!!!

A man testified how the fire came on him last night and Jesus appeared to him…


A man with a severe ankle injury… fused ankle… HE’S JUMPING IN THE AIR!!!


A lady with three herniated discs… one was so large you could see it protruding… SHE IS TOTALLY HEALED…

Todd introduces a pastor and his wife from Connecticut who SAW A WHIRL WIND IN THE SKY AROUND THEIR CHURCH… so they CAME TO GET THE FIRE AND TAKE IT BACK… they’ve been feeling the glory… they want to TAKE BACK THE FIRE!!!

Todd introduces a pastor and his wife from the high desert of California… they have a PASSION FOR THE LATIN COMMUNITY… they’ve been watching God TV… they CAME TO GET SOME!!! They have been experiencing the OPEN HEAVEN!!!

A lady had a crooked ankle… IT TURNED STRAIGHT!!!

A man has been using a cane for several years… TOTALLY HEALED

A lady needed both knees and hips replaced… using a cane… TOTALLY HEALED

A lady has not been able to walk for years without pain… very little strength… SHE RAN

Pastor Stephen Strader shares about Loren, a photographer for the LA Times…

Loren’s wife was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer… They live in S. California…

He took her to Mexico for treatment… Her kidneys were failing… not improving

Someone told him about God TV taking prayer requests to Jerusalem… He sent in a prayer request to God TV… He was reading their website about Todd Bentley praying over a prayer shawl that would be placed on the requests.

He read more about the Florida Healing Outpouring… Loren and his wife are evangelicals and really weren’t sure how they felt about all of this healing stuff… but they were desperate for miracle… He started watching the Outpouring on God TV.

Todd said to call your loved ones on the cell phone… he called his wife in Mexico at the treatment center…


He got on a plane and flew to Lakeland – stayed three days… Pastor Denny Cline of the Albany Outpouring prayed for him in one of the morning meetings… they got his wife on the cell phone in Mexico… he told her that Denny had just prayed for her…


She was born pre-mature and had NO EAR DRUM… stone deaf all of her life – her ear was healed!!! He fly’s home to S. California… He calls his evangelical pastor about what has happened… He asks his pastor if he would like the IMPARTATION???

What is that? How does it work? Three hours before the Wed night service, Loren sends out a hundred emails to every church in town… “come get some”

Their church meets in the Boys Club on Wed nights… they have about 75 people… A half hour before service, he arrives to a jam packed overflow standing room only crowd!!!

The minister doesn’t know what to do… they sing a few songs and turn the service over to Loren… he tells them what happened to his wife… what he saw in Lakeland at the meetings… Want some? Line up and I will ask the Holy Spirit to give you some…

Everyone was on the floor for hours!!!!


A lady with her left ankle fused… couldn’t bend her ankle… IT WAS ALL WARM AND TINGLY!!! HER ANKLE IS HEALED.

A lady with fibromyalgia… bed fast for three weeks… body wracked with pain… SHE FEELS ELECTRICITY GOING THROUGH HER BODY!!!


Pastor Stephen Strader

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Links to the Florida Outpouring

The following links and messages come from Todd Bentley's eletter. You can read and see how the revival in Florida has progressed since beginning in April from various news reports and more. May it go to the ends of the earth Lord!
For His Glory,
Joe and Shirley

We Are EXTENDING The Meetings Longer ...
We Are Staying For As Long As The Holy Spirit Leads!

We have posted NEW video's links to brand new clips on our Breaking News page of our website. Watch a mini-video of an interview Todd Bentley recently had with Sid Roth on "IT'S SUPERNATURAL!" Also, watch a full length video interview between Todd Bentley, Brian Welch, and Patricia King on Extreme Prophetic TV!

";It's Supernatural!"
by Sid Roth
May 06, 2008

Watch Todd Bentley, Brian Welch and Patricia King in Lakeland, FL!
by Patricia King - Extreme Prophetic
May 04, 2008

With Todd Bentley in Lakeland.


rnw-bwtodd-highlightTo our dear friends all across the world – we feel as though our lives, the lives of our GOD TV teams and the lives of you - our viewers will never be the same again and we know so many many of you are feeling the same. Even as we write the Angelic Presence is so strong across the airwaves.

We are literally receiving thousands of emails from you, our viewers ALL ACROSS THE WORLD, telling us where you’re watching, sending healing testimonies and prayer requests and begging us NOT TO STOP BROADCASTING THIS REVIVAL!

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS, we believe that GOD TV was raised up to show the Glory of God throughout the earth and connect the nations of GOD in this vast outpouring Of Gods GLORY and HIS GRACE upon the nations - And YOU can be part of the miraculous by helping us take the fire of revival from Florida to the uttermost parts of the earth.

We have rescheduled all our programming, and are about to make some revolutionary decisions which will no doubt cost us more revenue, but we want to be OBEDIENT to the Spirit of the Lord. As many of you have guessed, we have NO BUDGET to broadcast this outpouring. It was not in OUR plans – oh but HOW it was in GODS PLANS FOR GOD TV!

We have gone out on a limb and are riding the wave with the Holy Spirit. This Sunday we run out of the money given to carry the revival live EVERY night, but our hearts AND YOUR hearts are all burning to keep the revival on air!

If its within your power to sow into broadcasting this historic outpouring – and you are led by the Lord to do so – countless millions around the world will be eternally grateful – what can we say – things we know your heart already beats with - multitudes are already being DELIVERED, SET FREE, HEALED, RADICALLY SAVED AND SET AFLAME BY THESE BROADCASTS ALL ACROSS THE EARTH!

We need YOU… the Body of Christ needs YOU… the lost world needs YOU to ensure these live broadcasts keep going for the next 40 days!

Please help us NOW!


We love and appreciate you so VERY much… thank you for doing whatever you can...



Read the FFM Blog for reports and news - Florida Outpouring
Mark Eshleman - Fresh Fire Ministries

Read Daily Reports - Florida Healing Revival
Pastor Stephen Strader - Ignited Church

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Video Clips

Extreme Prophetic - Audio MP3
“I See Stadiums” Prophetic Vision - Paul Cain

Friday May 2, 2008

Lakeland Revival Attracting National Attention
Video: Interview with Todd Bentley
Photo Gallery
Video: In the Revival

Florida Outpouring Revival Reports

";It's Supernatural!"
by Sid Roth
May 06, 2008

Watch Todd Bentley, Brian Welch and Patricia King in Lakeland, FL!
by Patricia King - Extreme Prophetic
May 04, 2008

Wow! Things are Getting REALLY Supernatural!
by Patricia King - EXTREME PROPHETIC
May 03, 2008

Powerful Open Air Meeting In Stadium Last Night
by Jerrell Miller - The Remnant On Line Magazine
May 03, 2008
Click here to download the PDF article

Tampa Tribune - Lakeland Revival Attracting National Attention
by Tampa Tribune - Michelle Bearden & Billy Townsend
May 02, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - EXCLUSIVE! Fantastic Healing Report...
by Steve Shultz and Teresa Neumann
May 01, 2008

Secular Media Covers Lakeland Healing Revival! Watch the Report Now!
by Patricia King
May 01, 2008

by Patricia King
May 01, 2008

by Patricia King
May 01, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - The Remnant International
by Jerrell H. Miller
May 01, 2008
Click here to download the PDF article

More Revival Updates from Patricia King!
by Patricia King
Apr 30, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Revival Healings
by Melanie Brooks
Apr 30, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Special Report
by Keith Miller
Apr 28, 2008

In search of a miracle
by Glenda Luymes, The Province
Apr 27, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - A Holy Ghost Outbreak in Florida
by J. Lee Grady
Apr 23, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - The ElijahList
by Linda Dodson - Albany Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Apr 23, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Charisma Magazine
by Paul Steven Ghiringhelli - Charisma Magazine
Apr 22, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Ledger Religion Editor
by Cary McMullen - Ledger Religion Editor
Apr 19, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - The ElijahList
by Steve Shultz - The ElijahList
Apr 19, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Wendy Alec GOD TV
by Wendy Alec - Co-Founder GOD TV
Apr 17, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Charisma Magazine
by Paul Steven Ghiringhelli - Charisma Magazine
Apr 17, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - David Tomberlin
by David Tomberlin - David Tomberlin Ministries
Apr 16, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Denny Cline
by Denny Cline - Albany OR
Apr 16, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - John Arnott
by John Arnott - Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
Apr 16, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Patricia King
by Patricia King - Extreme Prophetic
Apr 15, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Wendy Alec GOD TV
by Wendy Alec - GOD TV
Apr 15, 2008

Lakeland Florida Outpouring - Breaking Christian News
by Teresa Neumann - Breaking Christian News
Apr 11, 2008

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