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By Wesley and Stacey Campbell

"Why do the nations rage, and the peoples plot in vain?...The One who sits in Heaven laughs...." Psalm 2:1, 4

wes and stacy campbellPsalm 2 is an apt text for the year 2007. In this Psalm, we see that the earth is raging, but Heaven is laughing. Therefore, our perspective for the year 2007 must come from hearing the laughter of Heaven, and not the rage of the nations.

If the Church can hear the laughter of the One who sits in the Heavens, she will not shrink back from the great harvest ahead of her in the midst of judgment; rather, she will rush in with miracles and mercy to even the hardest fields of America and the rest of the world.

What's coming is BIG! The Lord has spoken to me that "there's a second Timothy movement coming!" As I heard those words in my spirit, simultaneously I "saw" breakouts on university and college campuses, media flashes, and articles in newspapers of a virtual revolution of reconstruction breaking out among North America's youth.

A Second Timothy Movement

"This new breed of Timothys will 'cross over' into prophetic promises...."

I understood that the second Timothy movement was a play on words, because as I heard the words, instantly Timothy Leary, one of the men behind the deconstruction of the moral fiber of America, came to mind. God was telling me that what Timothy Leary did in breaking down Biblical morality in the social fabric of America was going to be challenged by a new breed of "Timothys"; not a Timothy Leary movement, but a Timothy "Hearing" movement--a generation of youth who will hear the will of God and do it.

What I saw was explosive, and my spirit jumped inside. I could see the Spirit of God brooding over the moral void of North American culture, and I understood that underneath the surface, as yet imperceptible to the masses, God has been instilling in a generation a desire for reformation. He is creating a new breed that wants to see radical changes in the world, changes like the end of abortion, the end of poverty, and the end of AIDS.

This new breed of Timothys will "cross over" into prophetic promises given to their spiritual fathers and mothers, teaming up with them to confront these immoral giants and bring them down. I see a movement of a million kids for a million kids, a Joel 2:15 army who will change society--for the better--instead of society changing them.

So get ready! The souls of millions of children at risk are about to be brought out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of light. Because of the significant increase in global prayer during the past decade, the spiritual climate of the world has changed. There has been a shift in one generation--away from materialism and towards righteousness and compassion. A reformation revival is already percolating under the surface and will be brought to the fore in 2007.

Greatest Revival Still Ahead

"What was once far off has become a reality in our generation."

We believe that the greatest revival of mankind is still yet ahead of us. In the book of Revelation, John foresaw a global revival of colossal proportions coming from every nation, tribe, people, and language: "Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth--to every nation, tribe, language and people" (Revelation 14:6).

Significantly, all people groups were represented. Only recently has the certainty of reaching every group on earth come within reach. For the first time in history, we are coming to the place where a functioning Church, with a Bible in their own language, will have representation from every nation, tribe, people, and language. What was once far off has become a reality in our generation. Coinciding with this final success of the missionary movement is the rapid increase of the Church.

Today, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world. Religious demographers tell us that of all conversions since the time of Jesus, an amazing one-third of them have come into the Kingdom in the last ten to fifteen years. Jesus affirmed that the time of the end coincides with the gospel going to every people group: "And this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come" (Matthew 24:14).

John's vision in Revelation 7, holds a unique key to this end-time harvest. When he saw "the great multitude that no one could count from every nation, tribe, people, and language" (verse 9), he was asked two questions by the angel, "Who are they, and where did they come from?" (verse 13). Not wanting to give the wrong answer, John said, " know." Then John was told, "These are they who have come out of the great tribulation" (verse 14). If this vision and the great harvest are yet to be fulfilled, the angel might as well ask the same question of us today-- "Who are they, and where will they come from?"

Where Will They Come From?

A simple comparison of populations will show us where the masses of humanity live. Those who will make up the "great multitude" do not live in the wealthy West.

For example, the United States and Canada, with a population of only 325 million, is only 1/20th (five percent) of the population of the earth. When these numbers are compared to the staggering populations of the earth--East Asia and the Asia Pacific Region (including China and Indonesia) with 1.8 billion, South Asia (including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) with 1.4 billion, or the sub-continent of Africa with 680 million, we cannot help but be confronted with the obvious--the masses don't live here!

When God's Spirit is poured out on all flesh, there will be a whole lot more flesh to receive Him in China, India, and Africa, than in what is coined as the "Developed Nations."

Who Are They?

"We will see masses of young people begin to expend time, energy, and money to help the half-dead on the side of the road."

The answer to who are they is simple--they are the poor! 75 percent of the world is poor. And, since half of the world's population are women, and close to half (40 percent) are children under the age of fifteen, it's obvious that the overwhelming demographics of the planet are poor women and children at risk.

Thus, the reformation revival we are predicting will be driven by the West becoming burdened to reach out to the rest. The reformation and reconstruction we are talking about is nothing less than the application of the first and second commandment--"Love God and love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:30-31 paraphrased).

In the second Timothy movement, we will see thousands of well-to-do North Americans who will begin to seek God in an experiential way (see 1 Corinthians 14:1), thus opening the door to miracles and the supernatural. As they hear the will of God, they will reach out like the Good Samaritan to those who are in their way. We will see masses of young people begin to expend time, energy, and money to help the half-dead on the side of the road (see Luke 10:30).

God is sovereignly blowing this mercy wind, and its effects go far beyond the Church. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bono, and Branson are only the beginning. We will see more and more people (religious and nonreligious) begin reaching out to the half-dead children at risk and their poor mothers (if they have them).

In 2007 and beyond, the reconstruction movement will begin to attack the following:


It has been said that one of the least safe places in the world for a child to live is in his mother's womb. "It is estimated that 1 in 4 pregnancies worldwide ends in abortion, and 40 million abortions may occur annually. Some countries may have as many abortions as live births."

Grinding Poverty

500 million people are hungry and another 500 million are so poor that they don't consume enough food to render them productive. It is estimated that over 33,000 children under five years old die every day due to preventable diseases--pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, malaria, and malnutrition. One child dies every three seconds. Putting it in perspective, it's like a Boeing 747 jumbo jet full of five hundred children crashing to their deaths every twenty-two minutes, of every hour, of every day.

Street Children

150 million children live on the street. Action International says that by 2020, there could be as many as 800 million! The UN says that the street children situation is one of the worst crises facing the nations of the world.

Child Labor and Slavery

250 million children are forced to work worldwide, some as slaves and some to support families.

Sexual Exploitation

World Vision estimates that between 10 to 14 million children are victims of the sex trade, and another one million children enter the prostitution racket every year.

Of the one million prostitutes in Thailand, eighty percent are under eighteen years of age.

AIDS and Plagues

Of the 22 million people who have died of AIDS, 4.5 million of them have been children. If trends continue in South Africa, fifty-percent of the teenage girls who are fifteen years old now, will be dead of AIDS in ten years.

Wars: Death, Disablement, and Displacement

In the decade since the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, more than 2 million children have been killed and more than 6 million injured or disabled in armed conflicts. 15 million children have been displaced within their countries or made refugees. Presently, 300,000 children are fighting someone else's war.

Religious Persecution

200 million Christians suffer torture, imprisonment, and persecution for no other crime than that they call Jesus, "Lord."

Reaping a Harvest of the Poor--Saving Children at Risk

What's coming in 2007 and beyond? The nations will rage, but Heaven will laugh. And those who hear His laughter will, like Peter watching Jesus instead of the storm, rise above the rage of nations to do supernatural miracles of mercy and social justice for the multitudes of the earth that need it--women and children at risk. So be careful what you listen to.

This is the coming movement--miracles and mercy for "...the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame" (Luke 14:21 paraphrased). The thirst for the supernatural will be fulfilled. The idyllic quest for peace and love will come into focus through beholding His face, no matter what goes on around us.

The peacemakers and merciful will bring in the Kingdom of God!

Wesley and Stacey Campbell

Population Resource Center,> – accessed Oct. 5, 2006)

Happy New Year

May Christ be your beginning and your ending in 2007.

May He be ever present in your speech AND your actions.

May His light shine through you brighter than it ever has before.

May His love flow through you to all people who know and meet you this year.

May His peace be upon you and your family.

May His joy wrap around you and be explosive to those around you.

May His manifest presence and glory be a part of your daily walk with Him.

May you win souls for Him!

Be blessed throughout 2007,
The Cudas

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Merry Christmas!

One of the things that has really been blessing me during this season is that I have been hearing "Merry Christmas" much more than "Happy Holidays" this year while shopping. As a matter of fact, I do not recall any "Happy Holidays" at all this year.

I remember walking up to a check-out counter in early December and the clerk said, "Merry Christmas". I was shocked -- but my shock disappeared quickly as a big smile came over my face, and I replied, "Merry Christmas to you!"

Those encounters with clerks and other employees of many different stores continued throughout the month. Everytime I heard "Merry Christmas" my heart leapt for joy and I knew there was still hope for our culture in America.

The hope wasn't based on employees being allowed to say "Merry Christmas" again, but it was based on Christ, the One who came as a babe 2000 years ago and brought us hope.

The Christ of Christmas is alive in my heart today. My hope is in Him! I pray yours is too. If it is not, please email us, and the Christ of Christmas can become a reality to you. He loves you with an everlasting love and is waiting for you to call upon Him.

May the love of Jesus reach you wherever you are, and may your Christmas be filled with Him.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our friends and those who are about to become our friends.

With much Love,
Joe, Shirley & Joel


QUOTES collected by Josef Urban.

"I have never known a person sweat blood; but I have known a person pray till the blood started from his nose. And I have known persons to pray till they were all wet with perspiration, in the coldest weather in winter. I have known persons pray for hours, till their strength was all exhausted with the agony of their minds.Such prayers prevailed with God." - Charles G. Finney"

God will do nothing except in answer to prayer." - John Wesley

"Bear up the hands that hang down, by faith and prayer, support the tottering knees. Have you any days of fasting and prayer? Storm the Throne of Grace and persevere therein, and mercy will come down." - John Wesley

"The true man of God is heartsick, grieved at the worldliness of the Church...grieved at the toleration of sin in the Church, grieved at the prayerlessness in the Church. He is disturbed that the corporate prayer of the Church no longer pulls down the strongholds of the devil. A man may study because his brain is hungry for knowledge, even Bible knowledge. But he prays because his soul is hungry for God. We live in a generation that has never known revival God's way. True revival changes the moral climate of an area or a nation. Without exception, all true revivals of the past began after years of agonizing, hell-robbing, earth-shaking, heaven-sent intercession. The secret to true revival in our own day is still the same. But where, oh, where, are the intercessors?" - Leonard Ravenhill

"The prayers and supplications that Christ offered up were, joined with strong cries and tears, here in setting us example not only topray, but to be fervent and importune in prayer. How many dry prayers, how few wet ones, do we offer up to God!" - Matthew Henry

"You must go forward on your knees." - Hudson Taylor

"Groanings which cannot be uttered are often prayers which cannot be refused." - Charles Spurgeon"

We are too busy to pray, and so we are too busy to have power.We have a great deal of activity, but we accomplish little; many services but few conversions; much machinery but few results." -R.A. Torrey

"You must pray with all your might. That does not mean saying your prayers, or sitting gazing about in church or chapel with eyes wide open while someone else says them for you. It means fervent, effectual, untiring wrestling with God...This kind of prayer, be sure, the devil and the world and your own indolent, unbelieving nature will oppose. They will pour water on this flame." - William Booth

Interesting Quote

An interesting quote from Winston Churchill.

"Without tradition Art is just a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse."

Think about that for a while. It can even extend past ART to other areas of Church and life.

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Going Through the Door of Your Future:

Stand, Review & Renew Your Vision, Decree Your Future, and Establish Your Position!

A 40-Day Prayer Focus from Chuck Pierce

Day 1: Read Psalm 149, Psalm 29, and Isaiah 49. In these 40 days, hear His voice so your wilderness breaks. Let praise arise within you. Ask the Lord for you to become a 2-edged sword during these 40 days. Be willing to go and worship at the high place of resistance.
Day 2: Read Ezra 4,8,9. Do not allow the enemy’s resistance to keep you from moving toward restoration. Ask the Lord to show you when to fast for three straight days. See the small window of revival and opportunity that is at hand for you during these 40 days.
Day 3: Read Nehemiah 4. Find your place in the gap and on the wall. Governments are changing. This is the time to rebuild nations. Listen carefully for the Lord’s trumpet or prophetic word! Review your weapons of war. Evaluate your troops or staff. Keep building in the midst of confusion.
Day 4: A day of rest and refocusing for the times ahead.
Day 5: Read Esther 4, 8-10. Fast today! (Let God choose your fast.) Ask the Lord to have you commit to finding your place corporately to better help the Body fight against the enemy. Find your place in a corporate prayer meeting, whether at work or in church. Be willing to boldly enter in to the King’s Throne Room. Ask for favor to win the war ahead!
Day 6: Read Jeremiah 29, especially vs. 11-14andJeremiah 11, 12. The Lord has a plan for your prosperity and success. Ask the Lord to reveal any covenant breaking plan the enemy has devised against your life. Ask the Lord to give you strength to “contend with the horses” and withstand “the roar of the lion”, your adversary. Let the roar of God arise in you; be determined to cross over your Jordan.
Day 7: Read Matthew 4 and Luke 4. Close the door to Satan’s temptations. Resist the tempter. Speak the right word at the right time. Declare your assigned wilderness is creating a new power within you to stand. You can resist! Read Matthew 7 (especially vss. 7-12). Ask, knock, seek, and receive.
Day 8: Read Psalm 37 (especially vss. 1-9, 29-37). Build this revelation into your life. Do not fret because of evil around you. Ask to inherit the land.
Day 9: Read Job 22: 19–30. See, receive, and decree a thing and watch God establish it for you.
Day 10:Read I Kings 17-18. This is a time for nations to change. Let the prophets arise and decree. Be like Elijah and legislate the heavens. Move with God from provision to provision. Be willing to confront the structure that is resisting your forward progress. Ask the Lord for a great awareness of the word of the Lord! Watch for a time to intercede to bring the word into a new place of manifestation.
Day 11:Read I Kings 19 and James 5. Watch your passion level! We are a people with passions and emotions like Elijah. Are you emotionally drained and expended. What word are you warring with? Do you need a new word for the next battle? Have you established your place at the gate of entry that the Lord has for your future? Are you being confronted by a strongman that makes you want to run for your life? Have you come out of your abiding place? Do you feel vulnerable? Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.
Day 12: Read Mark 8:22-26. Cry out for new vision and allow the Lord to lead you from an old, familiar place. Sometimes our familiar surroundings tend to blind us. Jesus led the blind man out of town to heal him. The first time He touched his eyes, vision formed but was not clear.
Day 13: Read Mark 8:22-26 AGAIN. Cry out for clear vision! Notice the process of vision. Do not grow weary in the Lord’s process or method. Allow Him to touch you again! Allow clarity to come into your vision.
Day 14: Read Habakkuk 1. Habakkuk means “embrace.” To embrace, you must let go of one thing in order to passionately grab hold of something else. Ask the Lord about certain things that have hindered you in the past, and then receive a watchman anointing so you can peer into what God has for you in the future.
Day 15: Read Habakkuk 2 and 3, especially 2:1– 4 and 3: 1, 2, 17-19. Write your new and refined vision. Ask God for a revived heart. Sing the wonderful hymn of faith from verses 17-19. Look down at your feet and see that God is giving you hind’s feet to leap on high places.
Day 16:Memorize Proverbs 29:18 (paraphrased): “Where there is no vision, redemptive revelation of God, prophetic utterance, or restrained boundaries, the people perish. But he who keeps the law of God, which includes that of man, will be happy, fortunate and enviable.” Also read 1 Samuel 3 and Amos 8:11-12.
Day 17: Read John 9:1-12. There are some things you are going through that are strictly for the “glory of God” to be demonstrated in you. Let Him anoint you and then “go” where He would send you. Be sure you are properly connected. The pool of Siloam meant “Sent.” This is the Greek word linked with apostle. Be sure you evaluate the leadership connections in your life.
Day 18: Read John 9:13-41. Do not be afraid of confrontations. Sometimes questions and conflicts establish vision and your relationships for the future.
Day 19:Read Isaiah 30:15-21, Is. 32, Is. 33:1-6. Decree that your spirit will be quiet and your vision clear. Cry out until you see Holy Spirit moving in a new way. Do not allow words, tumult or confusion to sidetrack you. Ask the Lord to bring you into a place of stability!
Day 20: Read Joshua 1. Ask the Lord to settle your mind. When we meditate on God’s plan for our life we are assured of success. Let God circumcise your heart again. Let Him sever any fleshly deed that could be hindering you. Ask Him to remove any reproach. Expect new supply to begin. There comes a time when your “manna” ceases!
Day 21:Read John 7. Jesus participated in this great feast. This is where He taught us about springs of living water being down deep in our innermost being. This actually means our womb. Ask the Lord to bring forth that which He has conceived in you.
Day 22: Read Joshua 5:13-15. Even though Joshua had been with Moses 40 years, Joshua had to have his own revelation of who God was before he moved forward. Enter into a new dimension of humility for God’s divine leading in your life.
Day 23: Read Joshua 6 and 7. We all have our Jericho. That is the invincible place we have to face before we can advance into our promise. Do not be afraid to face that which seems invincible to you.
Day 24: Read II Kings 2. Elisha was willing to follow to the end so he could SEE the supply that was in Heaven. Don’t quit pursuing until you get to the end of a thing.
Day 25: Read II Kings 6: 8-23. Because Elisha saw into the heavenlies, he could pray for his servant to see Heaven’s supply when the enemy had them besieged. The supply is in the heavenlies for you. See into the invisible. Let God blind your enemies.
Day 26: Read Ephesians: 1, 2:1-10, 3:10,17-21, 4:1-16, 6:10-20. See your spiritual blessings in heavenly places. See who you are in Christ. Receive grace through faith. Ask for the love of God to go deeper in you.
Day 27: Read Psalms 92. Receive a new anointing and SEE your desire on your enemy. Flourish from your new vision.
Day 28.: Read Colossians 1-3. Decree that powers and principalities submit to the wisdom the Lord has released during this time though you.
Day 29: Read I Samuel 9, 16, 17. Receive the “seer” anointing. Saul gave a gift to Samuel and learned where his donkeys were. Declare that you will see your losses recovered. Recognize that God does not see the way man sees. Be anointed like David. Once you see the way God sees and receive the anointing He releases on you, take your Goliath down. Just be sure you’re clothed the way you’re supposed to be clothed before you go into war against him.
Day 30: Read I Corinthians 2. Receive supernatural wisdom, inaccessible to the enemy. Let God show your eyes things that no eyes have seen. Let the Holy Spirit reveal God’s mind to you.
Day 31: Read Revelations 1. You are blessed by reading the book of Revelation. Know that He is the Revelator, the One that uncovers and causes you to see. Get to know Him as Alpha and Omega. At this time He is both beginning and ending certain things in our lives.
Day 32: Read Revelation 2 & 3. Notice how He commended each church, pointed out the weakness of each church, instructed each church and reiterated the promise of each church. Let Him do the same for you.
Day 33: Read Revelation 4. A door is a place for leaving as well as entering. There are some things we need to leave behind. Make a list of the doors you need to shut. See certain doors in your life, ministry and future that are in transition. Get a new vision of the throne room of Heaven. Let the Lord say to you, “Come up here.” Let Him show you your open doors. Let Him now show you your future.
Day 34: Read Revelation 5. Declare that the Lamb is worthy. Read this chapter out loud! Worship the Lord! He has invaded the atmosphere of the land around you! Thank Him that Heaven has invaded your earthly domain and the fragrance of heaven is overpowering your situations and conflicts.
Day 35: Read Revelation 12. Declare the accuser has been overcome and you have an open door to advance into the future. Develop a strategy to secure your victory for the next two years.
Day 36: Read Genesis 12, 26:1-17. Ask the Lord to give you a revelation of the power of blessings!
Day 37: Read Genesis 26:18-21. With blessing comes provision and prosperity. If the Philistines had understood the principles of blessing, they would have permitted the redigging of the wells and then benefited from the water released there. Instead, they chose to stop up the wells and block blessing. Ask the Lord to keep you moving forward in the midst of anger, contention and enmity.
Day 38: Read Genesis 26:22-33. If you will keep moving forward, blessing those who have wronged you, they will eventually see the favor of God on your life. There will come a time when your enemies bless you. Decree that every word that the enemy has sent against you will turn to a blessing.
Day 39: A Day of Celebration and Praise. There is power in praise! Read and do Psalm 150. If you have the authority to call together a corporate meeting for praise, do so. If you can influence a leader to have a day of celebration, please do so. If not, find an instrument or produce a sound of praise.
Day 40: A Day of Anointing. Anoint yourself! Anoint your home! Anoint your office! Anoint the projects you are working on! Anoint your heart and brain so that they work together and bring forth the creative ideas for your future! Anoint your family! The anointing breaks the yoke (Isaiah 10:27). Decree that the “robbers” of your past will be overtaken by the anointing that is on you for the future. Decree a 7-fold return and increase over your life.

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