Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just When You Thought it was Safe to Eat again comes...


A Strategic Prayer Initiative


The Crisis: the Ongoing Conflict in the Middle East

The earth stands in a pivotal, but precarious, moment in history. All around the globe, the earth seems to be convulsing with natural disasters, lawlessness, wars and rumors of wars.
As you read this, Islam-dominated nations are violently reacting and baring their fangs over a simple cartoon depiction of their prophet, Mohammed. The ugly and violent nature of Islam has begun to rear its head and the Church must respond with fasting and prayer to contend with the menacing threat of Islamic global domination. Groups like Hamas and nations like Iran, who call for the destruction of the nation of Israel and the Jewish peoples, are the signs of a surging violence against Israel and Christendom.
Yet there is an answer to this crisis: the praying and fasting Body of Christ. When the principalities that dominated the airwaves of the Middle East exposed itself against the people of God thousands of years ago, God raised up a single man–the prophet Daniel–in the midst of Babylon and Persia, to contend with the weapons of fasting and prayer against the demonic Prince of Persia. The Bride of Christ must understand that if it is to pierce the darkness that broods over the Middle East and break the vice grip of Islam over the world, it will take the same resolve that Daniel had in fasting and prayer to contend with the Prince of Persia. The Church has entered into a season of Daniel 10 again. The Prince of Persia is on the rise and how we respond in prayer and fasting during this time will determine our future course and dIf the Church will throw themselves into prayer and fasting during this critical season, the spoils of victory, including the souls of millions of Muslims, the restraining of the spirit of jihad, the shifting of the Iraq war, and the security and salvation of Israel, will belong to Christ and Christ alone.


The Hope

Despite the raging of the world that surrounds us, the Church ought to and must hold onto outrageous hope. Everyday there are new reports being sent out and new books being published that speak of the dismal nature of the Western Church. For sure, droves of youth are leaving our churches and not returning. The statistics are certainly shocking, but we must not let our eyes dwell on statistics . We must not look with our natural eyes; instead, we must have eyes to see the victory of the Lord even in the midst of seeming darkness. Our report should be nothing less than the cry of Joshua and Caleb, “We should by all means go up and take possession of it, for we will surely overcome it” (Numbers 13:30). The Scriptures promise that though “darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples…the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising” (Isaiah 60:2-3).

Global Awakening among the Youth

W hile the natural world seems to be thrown into violent upheaval, there is a growing sense among prophetic voices in America that 2006 will be a glorious year for the Body of Christ. In 2003, Kenneth Hagin, an early father of the Charismatic movement, prophetically declared that 2006 would be a glorious year of “Heaven on earth.” Early this year, Dutch Sheets had a profound encounter with the Lord where the Lord made the statement that “This is the year that the lid comes off of the youth movement.” Another major leader in the body of Christ also made clear that this year would not simply be a celebration of the Azusa Street centennial, but that this would be the year where “He is coming!”
A casual approach to these prophetic words could be the undoing of a generation. A generation that has grown up only reading and hearing stories of national revival, but never experiencing the in-break of the Holy Spirit for themselves. This generation must learn to labor in prayer and fasting for their Great Awakening. The 40 years of wandering in the desert are up and the sound of rain can again be heard in the very-near distance. Could another Jesus Movement be on the horizon? Our days of rehearsal are finished; God is ready to come back onto the main stage!


Righteousness and Justice

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. For 33 years, America has lived under the dark cloud of legalized abortion. Yet God has begun a great shakedown in our legal system. In this past year, God has removed two Supreme Court Justices and raised up two new Supreme Court Justices who, if the Church will continue to pray for them, may be the generation that sees the scourge of the death culture and the blight of national sin removed from our nation. However, the shift of our legal system is not finished. We must pray that God removes a third pro-abortion Justice and replaces the vacancy with a Godly Justice who loves mercy, executes justice and walks humbly with his God.


Thus, for Revival, for the shifting of the Supreme Court and the ending of abortion, for the Middle East crisis and the freedom of a billion souls from the vice grip of Islam, and for the security and salvation of Israel; Dutch Sheets, Mike Bickle, Francis Frangipane, and I are calling for one million intercessors to 40 days of fasting beginning on MARCH 1(Ash Wednesday) to APRIL 9 (Passover Sunday and the 100-year anniversary of the Azusa Street Outpouring that began at Bonnie Brae Street). For more information about praying and fasting, specific prayer targets, and daily articles from Mike, Francis, Dutch and I, visit www.facedown40.com. Could we be on the verge of the great worldwide outpouring?

Visit www.facedown40.com to receive more information concerning the 40-day fast and also to sign up for daily devotionals from Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Francis Frangipane and Dutch Sheets.
Here are some practical guidelines for fasting.

A Key To Miracles

"A Key To Miracles"
-- Bill Johnson
(from the Elijah List www.elijahlist.com)

Jesus once called a group of onlookers hypocrites because they could discern the weather but couldn't discern the times. It's apparent why Jesus would prefer people to recognize the times (spiritual climate and seasons) over natural weather conditions--but it's not quite so apparent why He would consider them hypocrites if they didn't.

Many of us have thought that the ability to see into the spiritual realm is more the result of a special gift than a personal responsibility for everyone. Jesus addressed this charge to the Pharisees and Sadducees. The very fact that they, of all people, were required to see is evidence enough that everyone has been given this ability. They became blind to His domain because of their own corrupted heart, and were judged for their unfulfilled potential.

The born again experience enables us to see from the heart. A heart that doesn't see is considered a hard heart. Faith was never intended to simply get us into the family. It is what makes the life in this family enjoyable. Faith sees. It brings His Kingdom and it's resources into focus, and the Kingdom and it's resources are accessible by faith.

Jesus Commanded Us To, "Seek First the Kingdom of God...."

Paul said, "Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth." He also stated, "For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal." The Bible clearly instructs us to turn our attention towards the invisible. This theme is repeated enough in scripture to make most of us from this Western culture quite nervous. We tend to prefer the material world.

Yet, herein lies the secret to much of the supernatural realm that we want restored to the church. Jesus told us that He only did what He saw His Father do. Such an insight is vital for those who want more. The power of His actions (i.e. the mud in the eye of the blind) is rooted in His ability to see.

God is very committed to teaching us how to see. To make this possible He gave us the Holy Spirit as a tutor. The curriculum that He uses is quite varied. But the one class we all qualify for is the greatest of all Christian privileges--worship. Learning how to see is not the purpose for our worship, but it a wonderful byproduct.

Those Who Worship In Spirit and Truth Learn to Follow the Holy Spirits Lead

His realm is called the Kingdom of God. The throne of God, which becomes established upon the praises of His people, is the center of that Kingdom. It's in the environment of worship that we learn things that go way beyond what our intellect can embrace.

David was so affected by worship that all His other exploits pale in comparison to his abandoned heart for God. We know that he learned to see into God's realm because of statements like, "I have set the LORD always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved." (Psalms 16:8). The Presence of God affected his seeing. He constantly practiced recognizing God's Presence. He saw God daily, not with the natural eyes, but with the eyes of the heart.

The privilege of worship is a good beginning place for those unaccustomed to addressing some of these kinds of themes found in scripture. In worship, we can learn to pay attention to this God given gift--the ability to see with the heart.

As we learn to worship with purity of heart, our eyes will continue to open. And we can expect to see what He wants us to see.

by Bill Johnson

Monday, February 27, 2006

Carrying His Presence

-- Jill Austin

(from the Elijah List www.elijahlist.com)

Master Potter


Is Your Shadow Dangerous?

Acts 5:12-16
--"The apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people, and all the believers used to meet together at Solomon's colonnade. No one else dared join them, even though they were highly regarded by the people. Nevertheless, more and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number. As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on the beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as they passed by. Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits and all of them were healed."

Acts 19:11-12--"God did extraordinary miracles through Paul so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them."

Is your shadow dangerous? How much fire do you have inside of you? Have you ever prayed for your shadow to be anointed and dangerous? In

2 Corinthians 4

, it says that we are earthenware vessels, but the glory, the treasure in us, is the Lord. In other words, there is a mystery. We are fragile earthenware vessels, but the glory, the fire inside of us, is the Lord.

Carriers Of A Radius Of His Glory

You know the song, "This little light of mine, I want to let it shine"? It's not even scriptural. It makes it sound like Christianity is puny, and you hope God has enough lighter fluid to fill you up again. We are earthenware vessels, so how many of you would like to have a radius of His glory inside of you like a nuclear reactor? Or would you like more? Do you want a resurrection anointing so strong that when you walk into a restaurant, the glory of God starts to move through you to confront the darkness? How much fire do you want? How dangerous do you really want to be?

Do you realize that if you have a radical anointing, you could get kicked out of your church? If you are the Pastor, they could lock you out! Do you realize you could be martyred? Would you rather be John the Baptist or Elijah? How many of you would like to see the glory of God rest over your house and as people drive by, they see angels of revelation camped over your house? How many of you would like to walk into work and suddenly the glory of God just explodes out of you? Would you like to have so much of God's glory that if your boss comes over to shake your hand, that all of a sudden he is falling to the floor with the anointing?

Impacting Your Neighborhood

Let's go back to your neighborhood. Let's say: a wife is bringing her husband home from the hospital, and he is dying of terminal bone cancer. The children of the sick father tell their parents that they keep seeing angels of the Lord at your house, and they believe that your prayers could heal him. The wife calls you and tells you that her husband has twenty-four hours left to live. She also tells you that her family understands that you are followers of Jesus, and that you love the Bible. She asks you to pray for her husband to see if what you preach is true.

So the neighbors come, put the husband on a blanket and carry him to your house. When they knock, you open the door, and they all come in, the family and the other neighbors. Maybe twenty people are there--watching to see if Jesus is real. Can we pray for the sick? Will He heal cancer? As you begin to pray, with all the neighbors looking on, color begins to come back into the man and the spirit of death starts to lift. He sits up and says, "I am hungry," and the Lord continues to heal him.

How many of you would like to have those in your neighborhood come and knock on your door for you to pray for them? The glory of the Lord would start to move through your neighborhood. How many of you would like to have ambulances parked outside of your door because people hear that the miracle power of Jesus is starting to move? How many of you would like to have hearses at your door as Jesus raises people from the dead? Even if they've been embalmed, God can give them blood! There's a radical cry in us--a cry where we start to say that we have a God who moves in our midst.

Renewal or Revival?

What is the difference between renewal and revival? I was in a conference meeting where the fire of God came with intercession, repentance, etc., and it was a wonderful renewal move of God. Then the next week, as I did a second series of meetings, I realized that the atmosphere was different as soon as I walked into the room. It was very different than the previous week's meetings! The atmosphere in this meeting was charged with the holiness of God, and the glory of the Lord.

As the meeting started, people were on their faces for hours as the heavy weight and glory of God came into the room, igniting revival. I have found that many people are looking for keys to unlock the Heavens and that includes the occult. Everyone wants power!

Important Keys that Unlock the Heavens

Yes, we serve a powerful God and He does come in power, but the only keys that unlock the Heavens are the blood of Jesus Christ and the Cross of the Lamb of God. The next key is passion for Jesus--that radical, militant, first love, face-on, full-on love that is like a radical "braveheart", pressing in to know Jesus personally and intimately.

The Governmental Throne of God

What I find is that the more we move from renewal to revival, it's as though the governmental throne of God starts coming to the earth. The governmental anointing and authority of God comes to earth and says,
"Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven," and the apostolic and prophetic increase, and visitations begin with a fresh outpouring of the Lamb of God.

Jill Austin

Master Potter


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Two People Healed During Worship Service

As the musicians were playing on Feb. 19th and the congregation was singing "To You O Lord, must the glory be given", 2 people were healed at The Love Church in Horseheads, NY.

Leslie Quinn testified that she came to church with a bad headache Sunday morning, but as she was worshipping God she was miraculously healed. No one even laid hands on her or anointed her with oil but the Healing touch of Jesus was "in the House".

Diana Hill was serving as the greeter at the front door of the church. Her back was knotted up and she was in a great deal of pain. She reported that during the Worship time the pain left and she too was healed.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was heavy as the praise and worship ascended to the throne of God from His people and He released a healing anointing while the worship team played.

During the worship time a prophetic Word was declared that had been given in 2002. God is now bringing this Word to pass in 2006 here at The Love Church, and it was confirmed with 2 healings that took place during the service, even before the Word was given.

Here is a small portion of the prophetic Word that was pertaining to healings taking place during worship:

"There is an inspiration I am releasing upon those who are drawing nigh to me,
upon those who are making me their habitation,
upon those who are coming aside
and consecrating themselves completely to me.
I am going to deposit within them,
I am going to birth within them, my songs, my expressions...
that which is within my heart," says the Lord.
"The songs that will bring revelation, that will cause the spirits of people to awaken, the souls of men and women will awaken.
They will hear a new sound in the earth. They will hear a new song in the earth.
They will hear a fresh sound that will stir their hearts, and will stir their lives and cause them to come away to me.

Even as you continue to cultivate this presence;
as you, My people will continue to give yourselves to My anointing and to My flow,
I will cause the worship team to move into another dimension,
another expression, another dynamic of power.

For even in the very seats in which you are sitting,
you will see before your very eyes,
the hearts of men and women breaking and melting under the power
and My mighty presence that will be here.
Their lives will be broken, their hearts will be broken,
their lives will surrender to Me even during the time of the worship,
even during the time of the singing,
even during the time of the corporate worship,
there will be a release of My miracle working power.

Someone will stand up and say my back is healed.
Someone will stand up and say my headache is gone.
Someone will begin to say I feel like God is straightening out my limbs.
Some will begin to feel like their hearing is being healed.
Impaired healing; hearing that is impaired will be healed by My mighty power.

I AM THE GREAT GOD, and it is My desire to move among you.
It is My desire to flow among you.
Flow with Me, flow with Me, stay with Me, stay with My move, don't shut, don't shut down, don't shut down, I'm moving, I'm moving!

I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving in your direction.
I've seen your hunger, I've seen your determination... press in!
Press in," says the Lord.

"Press in, press in... Don't be satisfied with what's happened thus far, don't be satisfied where you've gone thus far, press in, press in.
Press in My people.
This is pressing time, this is pressing time."
The Love Church Invites you to...



(Reception to follow in the Ministry Center)

You are invited to come and bless this precious family with cards and financial gifts as they prepare to move their ministry to California.

Sometime in April, the Cuda family will be moving cross country to Northern California. For the past 16 years the Cudas have faithfully served the Lord in The Love Church and in this community.

We invite you to show your love and appreciation to Joe, Shirley and Joel by joining The Love Church for a wonderful night of sharing, worship and memories.

A card box will be available at the Reception. Make checks payable to Joseph Cuda.

The 19th is also Joel's 13th BIRTHDAY!! Come prepared to celebrate.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Live By These!

Ideals that Kathryn Kuhlman said she lived by and encouraged us to live by:

1) When you make a mistake be quick to repent

2) Always allow Jesus to be your defense

3) Yield your will to the will of God

4) Give yourself completely to God

5) Be fully surrendered to Him

6) Develop a love for people and have a desire to help them

7) Mean business with God and God will mean business with you

8) Let your foremost goal be knowing God

9) Don't ever conform to the pattern of this world

10) Never fear man or the power of hell

11) Die to selfishness

12) Walk in Humility

13) Give full credit, honor and glory for everything that is accomplished to the Holy Spirit

14) Be led by the Spirit of God... when you're led all you do is follow

15) Pray without ceasing

16) Abide in the Spirit

17) Work, work, work, work... follow hard after hard work and determination and wisdom

18) Hunger more for the Word of God

19) Continually search the Scriptures

20) Practice the presence of Jesus -- carry it with you wherever you go

21) Be loyal to God and to people

22) Combine your little faith with a great big God, and miracles will happen

23) Know that the Shield of Faith will quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one, and in Christ you never have to be defeated

24) Be driven by love for Christ and for people

25) Nelieve in the religion of love -- love everybody, everywhere, the rich, the poor, the learned, the unlearned, the well, and the afflicted

26) Guard very carefully that which God has given you

27) "It isn't the golden or silver vessels that God is looking for -- He's lloking for yielded vessels

28) When a man is completely mastered by the will of God, he'll never be mastered by anything else

29) No condition or circumstance in itself is a calamity or to be feared -- always remember that with our little faith in God everything will work

30) Every great man and woman of God needs to surround themselves with people who know how to walk and flow in the Spirit

31) Never limit the power of the Holy Spirit

32) Never put Him in a box or create a barrier to Him

33) Believe Him to do the utmost and the greatest that He can do in every meeting

Lord help us to LIVE BY every Word that proceeds from Your mouth!

Friday, February 17, 2006


by J. Lee Grady

A sense of revival erupted this week on a college campus inKentucky. It could be the sign of a spiritual tsunami headed our way.

Students at Asbury College in Kentucky arrived for their usual10 a.m. chapel on Monday of this week. Some of them are still there today.

Students are worshiping, weeping and praying. Many of them tookoff their shoes in Hughes Auditorium because they felt they werestanding on holy ground. A photo on the nondenominationalChristian college’s Web site shows students with their handsraised in praise as they crowd near the chapel’s altar.

There's nothing else you can do when you meet your Creator faceto face like we did yesterday. -Student Ben Greenhoe“God’s will just broke out,” said one student, Michael Spann.“People were just yearning for God. I can’t even describe it. I didn’t want to leave until I felt the Lord was in me the way He wanted to be.”

“There’s nothing else you can do when you meet your Creator faceto face like we did yesterday,” sophomore Ben Greenhoe said on Tuesday.

The president of Asbury, Paul Rader, stayed in the auditoriumwatching the scene until midnight Monday. Folks in the small townof Wilmore, where Asbury is located, heard about the protractedmeeting and wandered in. A local grocer sent water and snacks tothe campus after hearing that the prayer service was going nonstop.

Wednesday night there were several hundred students praying inthe chapel. Some stayed until 4 a.m.On Thursday Rader led the morning chapel and felt what he called“an awesome sense of expectation.” He said: “From the first praisechorus students began coming to the long altar at the front of theauditorium. Soon the altar was crowded with students again. Therewas incredible freedom in the Spirit as we sang and prayed andshared testimonies of God’s gracious work in the hearts of students.”

This is not the first time Hughes Auditorium has been the site of arevival outbreak. On Feb. 3, 1970, the Holy Spirit invaded a chapelservice that was supposed to last 50 minutes. It lasted 185 hours,running 24 hours a day, and then continued intermittently for weeks.

It eventually spread throughout the United States and to severalforeign countries.Asbury is an interdenominational Christian college with Wesleyanroots.

The 1970 revival broke out when the school’s academic dean, Custer Reynolds, gave his testimony and then asked students toshare theirs. After several students spoke, Reynolds said something “broke.”

“Then [students] started pouring to the altar,” Reynolds told theLexington Herald Leader.The newspaper noted: “Asbury, like many evangelical organizations,held annual, scheduled ‘revivals’ with guest ministers and services", booked in advance. This, however, was not the same. No one had planned it. No one was leading it.”

Asbury’s president at that time, Dennis Kinlaw, was later askedby a reporter to explain what happened at Asbury. Kinlaw struggledto find the words to describe something that seemed holy and otherworldly.

Said Kinlaw: “Well, you may not understand this, but the only wayI know how to account for this is that last Tuesday morning, about20 of 11, the Lord Jesus walked into Hughes Auditorium, and He'sbeen there ever since, and you've got the whole community payingtribute to His presence.”

History books now say that the 1970 Asbury Revival spread to 130colleges, seminaries and Bible schools. Students from the schoolfanned out and shared their testimonies in churches and schoolsall across the nation, and their fervor spread like some kind ofheavenly virus.

A 1970 book about the revival One Divine Moment by Asburyhistory professor Jeff Blake, described the event as a modernPentecost. Other historians have noted that it occurred at thesame time a neo-Pentecostal movement was breathing new lifeinto American churches during the Jesus movement.

And all of this begs the question: Are we on the verge of anotherrevival of the same magnitude?Perhaps this week’s gathering at Hughes Auditorium is some typeof divine thermostat, helping us read the spiritual temperature?

Could the outbreak of revival fervor among these students be thefirst faint sound of a huge wave that is headed our way?

It would be just like God to orchestrate it this way. Genuine revivalhas an uncanny way of sneaking up on us. And when the HolySpirit comes in renewing power, He doesn’t come on our own timejust because we programmed Him to, nor does He visit the placeswe have prearranged.

All I can do is take off my shoes and say: “Do it again, Lord.”

[NOTE: The continual meetings seem to have wound down fornow. See the Asbury College website- http://www.asbury.edu ] J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma. SOURCE: http://www.charismanow.com/

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


This is the word given through a compilation of the prophetic releases and consensus of the ACPE (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders). There are differing variables that can affect the timing and/or coming to pass of these words:

1) All prophecy not contained in scripture is conditional.
2) The timing that the prophecy comes to pass may not occur in a one year time-frame.
3) It is possible that the prophetic warnings given may cause the person or corporate nation to repent and thus turn away the judgment prophesied. Biblically, this happened when Jonah prophesied to Nineveh, and the city repented causing God to relent.

Key scripture passages for 2006: Isaiah 43:19 & Isaiah 35

The Shift of 2006

2006 will be a year of great shifting for the Body of Christ. He wants to shift us into new wine for new moves of God. This shift will require us to re-think, re-structure, and seek the Lord's face as to how He wants us to function in the coming visitations of God.

The Lord is giving us new wine paradigms, extending to those in marketplace ministries. This will result in shifting the way companies are structured. God is going to help us work with better efficiency if we will listen to His Voice. Take time to listen to the Lord on how to shift into new wine on every level.

Isaiah 43:19 declares that God is doing a new thing. Do not get stuck in old patterns and old ways of thinking. If you get stuck, you will not reap the blessings of the new.

The right timing is important in 2006. With this new thing, opportunities will come and go quickly. When they come, it is important to "seize the moment" and not miss your window for change. Being in the right place at the right time is essential.

Shifting to the new thing will bring an abundance of creativity in business, technology, inventions, songs, ideas, and strategies.

2006 will be a year of completion in many areas. Family matters that have been unsettled, areas of buying and selling, and many who have been believing for their healing will receive it in completion. God desires to completely heal those who have seemed to receive partial healing.

New revelation will come with this shift. We will have more profound accuracy and deeper revelation concerning how to use our weapons of warfare more effectively. We will see breakthroughs in tough situations. We will spoil the enemy this year and victory will be sweet.

Kingdom Mix in '06

The focus this year will be on more kingdom growth than church growth. What grows the kingdom will also grow local congregations. This kingdom mix will be a reflection of the teaching of Matthew 6:10, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on the earth as it is in heaven."

A shift in teaching will reflect this kingdom mix with more leaders teaching from the perspective of the Kingdom of God rather than escapism.

Kingdom of God teachings will be mixed in many areas of society with greater and greater frequency. Vision for the transformation of cities, regions, and nations will begin to override and remove denominational barriers that up until now have crippled the Church.

Proper alliances and coalitions will be key and instrumental during this season. Some relationships based on old wine structures will pass away and new relationships will form between like-minded leaders, regardless of denominational or non-denominational affinities.

Right alignment is essential. If we are not in proper alignment it will cost us fruitfulness, health, a loss of revelation, and destiny. Setbacks will begin for those who are not properly aligned. Do not be afraid of change--there is a pruning that will take place in all aspects of God's Kingdom.

In addition to pruning, God is going to stretch us to release a new measure of faith. This faith is necessary to accomplish the shift He is requiring of us, as well as the new dreams He will give us in this season of new things.

God will raise up "kingdom-minded" leaders who will mix with all aspects of society. This will be seen as apostles and prophets are raised up in media, business, government, and other sectors of society.

The kingdom mix will bring great fruit, but it will also provoke opposition to the apostolic and prophetic movement. Do not be swayed by this--stay the course.

The supernatural will be mixed into society as more and more believers, in what has become known as the saints' movement, flow in healing and miracles and other supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

The youth particularly will move into this level of anointing.

2006 will be another “season of suddenlies”. The prophetic words of past seasons will begin to see their fulfillments in this hour. The Church is closing in on the “tipping point” through the accumulation of intercession, worship, fasting, giving, etc., and the “bowl is about to tip” in our favor.

University campuses will see great moves of God. Yale, North Texas State University, the University of Texas, University of California Los Angeles, and University of Southern California were mentioned among others. The moves of God will by no means be limited to these campuses.

This is the year that we will see the lid come off the youth movement. There will be a literal explosion of power and grace among the youth.

This is a year of a great transfer of wealth. God will begin to reveal strategy on how to obtain and maintain wealth. As more and more land is redeemed through intercession, we will see a shift in ownership of property and minerals in the Body of Christ.

Holiness Movement

God is going to continue to expose sin in the church. There will be new messages on holiness and repentance from the pulpits of the nations. A "line in the sand" will be drawn by leaders who are ethical and have the character of Christ. This line will once again clearly delineate, in great love, the absolutes of right and wrong.

Young people will take up the torch and run across the nations with this message of holiness and purity. This will cause the pendulum to tip away from the current "no boundaries" thinking of this generation. Young prophetic voices will rise up to speak the word of the Lord to generations of all ages and be respected for their wisdom even as the Lord Jesus spoke wisdom as a youth in the temple.

Young lions of the Lord will come to the forefront in Hollywood and in media around the world. UCLA and USC film schools will be shaken by the power of God as the Lord visits these campuses.


The Holy Spirit strongly spoke through several prophets that this would be a year of further polarization. However, the Lord gave us an admonition that we were not to become polarized or politicized. We are to stand up for whatever the direction the Captain of the Lord of Hosts shows us. Therefore, it is not the party line that we should hold, but God's plumb line of purity. God reminded us that righteousness and justice are the plumb line of His throne (Isaiah 28:17).
There is coming a separation between the human government and the government of God. However, there is a strong sense that God is coming to deal with the Left Wing if they continue on their path leading to unrighteousness.

Spiritual Trends that we see on the forefront…The Civil Rights Movement in America There is a new wineskin being formed for the Civil Rights Movement in America. New leadership will rise up who will establish God's righteousness and justice. The movements that are not established on both righteousness and justice will not prosper.

Cultural evangelism that reaches unbelievers through culturally relevant means of communication with life-transforming messages will come to the forefront. This will involve use of many channels of communication, including film, television, and fiction with sympathetic roles and characters that will provide a modeling of righteousness for society.

Societal transformation and evangelism will increase.

The seven major molders of society will be touched through this movement: family, religion, government, business, education, arts, and media.

The leaders of the Body of Christ are being called to a focus on legacy and succession. This is part of the new wine shift. Leaders who have formerly thought in a mono-generational mindset will mentor those who are coming after them.

Young prophetic voices will arise who will speak the Word of the Lord to nations and peoples as well as the Church world-wide.

The battle is going to get fierce on many fronts, but do not be discouraged. There is going to be a fresh wind of grace that will pour out on the lives of believers. The Lord is saying that He is going to cause the faint to be encouraged and the weary to rise up with new strength.

Put your "stake in the ground" in the midst of the whirlwind and see God enlarge your boundaries (Isaiah 54:2).

Words for the United States

It is crucial to press in to see the abortion laws overturned. We must pray harder than we ever have. Prayer for the mid-term elections in 2006 is crucial if we are not to lose ground for righteousness and justice in the nation. We must prepare also for the 2008 elections.

There is a sensing that the prayer movement should not become weary with guarding the nation from terrorism. America, you are once again in the balance and intercessors must stand in the gap and pray.

The President, as David did in 1 Samuel 30, will “pursue and recover” favor. He will gain even more if he takes the offensive with compassion for those who have been abandoned.


Seven different prophets had received a prophetic warning for Chicago, including a warning sent from the leader of the Canadian Prophetic Round Table. As we interceded, we felt to ask people to pray specifically for the transportation systems and centers.

Monday, February 13, 2006


It was a small crowd of worshippers on Saturday Night, Feb. 11th, during Open House at The Love Church -- as a matter of fact there were only 6 people attending. I call Open House "WORSHIP FOR THE HUNGRY". Apparently there were not many hungry that night but I am glad I was one of those who was hungry. One of those who was willing to set the entire evening aside just to spend time with the King. Because what happened to me this night was more powerful than my words could ever relate.

As an S.O.T.L. CD was being played, I was worshipping and praying. I could hear the breath of God breathing through the music and I began to ask God to breath ON me and ON our church. As I was praying I could sense something happening inside of me. It's very hard to describe, but I knew it was God breathing on me. I began to cry out for God to breath IN me. I continued walking and praying that same prayer, and as I did I could sense that something was happening inside my chest cavity. I could feel my lungs beginning to fill up and the feeling was spilling over into other parts of my insides.

It was as though every spare bit of space inside me was being filled up... filled up with the breath of God! I actually began feeling shortness of breath as every milimeter of my insides was being filled with Him. I began to understand the words of a song that says, "Your love takes my breath away". For quite some time I was short of breath.

But as I continued to walk and pray I began to get in sync with His breath that was filling me up and the breathing was getting easier. It was kind of like a runner who finds his stride and locks in to his breathing so he can go the distance. I could feel an enlarging taking place on the inside of me. And the words that came to me were, "I have a BIG JESUS inside me". He was filling every area of my innermost being!! The feeling was indescribable. I didn't know what He was doing in me, but I knew I wanted all He had for me.

We sang praise, danced wildly, knelt at the altar, lifted our hands, waved banners, and prayed until 11pm. When we finished we shared our experiences with each other for another hour. And all I could say was, "I have a BIG JESUS inside me... I have a BIG JESUS inside".

What does all that mean? He hasn't revealed it all to me yet. But I know it has a purpose and part of that purpose is for what is ahead for us. His Breath has filled every empty space of my innermost being -- He's big inside me. Thank you for the enlarging God -- may it be used for Your Glory!!

"His breath is like an overflowing torrent that rises to the neck."
Love and Fire Ministries Announces Relocation

After 16 years of serving King Jesus at The Love Church in Horseheads, NY, Pastor Joe and Elder Shirley Cuda announce God is calling them to move Love and Fire Ministries to Northern California.

"We feel this is an Abrahamic call", says Joe, "in the sense that He is telling us to go to this land and after we get there He will lead us to His will for this ministry and our lives. It is a huge step of faith for us. We know we have heard His voice and we are ready to obey it, but the unknown is always a little "scary". We are relying totally on God for everything from finances to move with, to divine connections when we arrive in California. We know our King has proven Himself faithful over the years and he will continue to provide for all our needs as we obey Him in this relocation.

"We have had some wonderful times with the Saints of God at The Love Church. We have also had some great times of testings. We have grown in the Lord and have been used in our city to help extend the Kingdom of God. It will be hard to leave our friends and co-laborers here, but we know the Holy Spirit is enlarging us and as we move in obedience to His voice, He will in turn enlarge the others that will be taking our place here at the church.

"We will miss everyone, but we will still remain connected through Love Aflame! Worldwide as an affiliate ministry and will return as often as the Lord allows to the annual convention and at other times."

Up dates will be available as the relocation gets closer. The cross-country move will cost about $6,000.00. Should the Lord lead you to help with the cost, you can donate with credit card through PayPal by going to our HOME page and selecting PARTNER DONATIONS on the right side. Or you can mail the donation to us or give it to us personally. Ultimately we know God is our provider... but He does often use obedient people in the accomplishment of that provision.

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