Monday, January 09, 2006


by Grandma Olive (8/16/96)

I hear the screen door close
Knock - knock standing on his toes

Where is the boy?
Open the door grandpa.
"Oh, hello Joel."
He stands a moment - looks around
Climbs upon the bed where we sleep
Opens the window to hear the birdie cheep

Where is the boy?
I look out the window
There is the boy in his red swing
Swinging high in the sky
and grandpa standing close by
Hi, Joel Micah.

Where is the boy?
Standing on the stool getting a trim.

Where is the boy?
May I come in?

Where is the boy?
Here he comes, brown eyes twinkling bright
Rose colored lips, teeth so white
What does he hold in his hand so tight
White, yellow, and blue
Here grandma, they are for you,
Thank you.

Where is the boy?
Here comes a train down the track
Clickety-clack, Clickety-clack
There at the umbrella table he sat
Clickety-clack, Clickety-clack

Where is the boy?
Clapping his hands squeeling happy, happy
He is going in the motor home with grandpappy
He is most always filled with joy
In his hand he holds a small toy

Where is the boy?
He is standing at his mother's knee
listening so intently
as she teaches him from the Word of God
So he will know how on this earth to trode

Where is the boy?
Sitting so high in the chair
One, two, three, hitting the snare
While his daddy plays the piano and sings some more
Joel hits the cymbal on the count of four

Where is the boy?
Sleeping peacefully in his mother's lap
Daddy carries him upstairs for a nap

Where is the boy?
With red and gold hair and skin so fair
Home with his mom and dad
that's where

We miss you Joel
Wish you were here

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